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Summer in the great outdoors.

Rustic & outdoor camps

Prepare for a next-level summer camp experience. If you're adventurous, bold, and immersive, you'll get the most out of a rustic summer camp.

These camps will let you get the most out of your summer by disconnecting with technology - it's one of the only ways to truly disconnect with technology and connect with nature instead.

Facilities and accommodation

Get ready for a summer you won't soon forget - the facilities at these camps are what set them apart. Accommodations may include tipis, tents, and yurts, and some camps don't have electricity.

It's definitely not for everyone - but if you like a challenge, and want to experience the ultimate summer adventure, rustic camps are for you.

Outdoor activities at camp

Camps are all about outdoor activities - and there are lots of opportunities to teach them at a rustic summer camp.

These camps make the most of the outdoors, so whether you're into climbing, kayaking, or hiking, there are lots of opportunities to teach what you love at camp.

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The campers

Your campers will vary as much as your surroundings - they'll come from all kinds of backgrounds, so you'll get a chance to interact with lots of different people.

These camps are intentionally made to feel rustic - without all the usual comforts of home, the "camp bubble" takes full hold, and people can leave their everyday lives behind. This allows an unusual amount of connection with both campers and fellow staff.

Do what you love this summer.

How to apply for a rustic camp:

Simple - just hit the apply button. From there, you'll be able to start an application, and find out lots more about what kinds of camps you could be going to this summer.

Feel free to ask one of our friendly Camp Leaders team members more about the various camp types. You’ll also be able to specify if you're interested in working at one of these camps in your application.

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Are you up for the challenge?