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Summer step by step.

Application guide

Step 1 - Apply online

The first step is to hit the apply button, create your profile and application for your summer camp in America experience.

Or if you're one of our Camp Leaders returners simply reactivate your profile by logging in and clicking the 'start my next application' button.

Step 2 - Get interviewed

From your profile you can book your first call. Visit the interview section and select the date and time that works best for you.

We'll be having a quick Skype Video Call to check your profile, skills, dates and English level.

It’s a fairly relaxed interview, we'll walk you through the process and we'll share our own experiences, we all have been to camp before, more than once!!!

Step 3 - Attend formal interview

Now, it is time to get to know you better, let's dig into your past adventures and let's create together a great profile for your future camp.

Prior to you interview you pay your first installment (USD 50$) and send us a screenshot of it to southamerica@smallerearth.com

Be on time! this is the first step to a summer of a life time.

Step 4 - Complete your application

We will be helping and offering tips to get your application camp director ready.

It's also time to get all of your documents in, including your police check, your medical form and your references.

Learn how to write the perfect application in this blog

Step 5 - Attend a preparation day

We run high energy prep days up and down the country between the months of March and May to get you ready for your summer in the States.

You won't have to pay any extra fee to attend this event, it has been planned specially for you and how to be awesome at camp.

It’s also a great chance for you to meet people who will be going to the same camp as you. Depending on your residency country, we run this event on-line. 

Step 6 - Get your visa

You’ll be going to the States on a J1 Cultural Exchange visa, so you’ll need arrange your interview with the American Embassy to get it officially printed in your passport.

We’ll be here to help you with everything in the application with the embassy. Smart dynamic guides will be sent to you, no worries, in the Camp Leaders world the process is always easier. No matter the country you will be applying from, we'll be there for you.

Step 7 - Fly to the States

You’ve completed the application and got your place!

All you’ve gotta do now is hop on that plane and let the memories begin.

You will book the flight your own, just make sure the dates match the camp contract dates, that way your camp will arrange your arrival to camp along with the rest of the staff.

Ready to get started?

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to have a face to face interview?

Yes, it's a great way for you to meet us but also for us to meet you. We like to also offer support and guidance with your application, the face-to-face interview provides a great opportunity for us to also do this in person.

Can I apply if I don't live in the UK?

Yes, we have 15 offices all around the world and will be able to help you with your application. However, there can be some limitations based on US visa regulations, so be sure to give the office a call before so we can advise.

When will Camp Directors be able to see my application?

Your application will go live once your sections are complete, you’ve got a green tick next to everything and you’ve paid your second installment.

I have filled in all my application, what’s next?

Make sure you’ve paid your first instalment, and let’s get started with your documents. The easiest thing for you to get done now is your three references and upload your passport.

"Ready to start your application?"