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Welcome Back

Returning to camp?

Returning to summer camp doesn’t just mean another epic year of, in our opinion, the best USA summer job out there.

As a returner, you can earn more, while getting the same kick ass support from our Dedicated Team.

Please bear in mind that there is a limit of DS2019 forms for Returnees that our sponsor can print per year according to the Department of State. We suggest you to apply as soon as possible and secure your position at camp.

Let's get you back home.

Start the new process from your previous profile, update your content, and Do Not Miss the Discounts

Ready to get started?

1. Update Your Profile

Welcome back.

If you’ve been with us to camp before, log in. All your information will carry over and you’ll have your new jazzy application to complete.

If you haven't been with us before, no problem, start a new application, let us know and one of our team members will take it from there.

2. Do not miss the discounts

Before Christmas

Counselors $1.730.000

Support Staff $1.860.000

To secure your place on the returner program you will need to pay either your program fee in full or a deposit of $700.000 cop.

Before February 1st.

Counselors $2.070.000

Support Staff $2.200.000

We’d recommend doing this as soon as you can as Visa paperwork is limited and we don’t want you to miss out.

If you are traveling with us for the very first time your Program Fee will be as listed for First Timers.

3. Have you been invited?

Before you start your process, make sure your camp wants you back.

It's best to let your Camp Directors know asap that you plan to head back to camp. The sooner you can get that very special contract to us, the better.

Uploading your contract is an important step in the returner application. We need this before we can start getting your visa paperwork sorted.

4. Your visa process

Adding another visa to your passport is all part of the fun.

We’ll help get your visa paperwork sorted, and our local team will order the DS2019 and SEVIS as soon as you complete all your documents, reference and payments section.

You’ll still need to head to the embassy although you’re returning, as they like to issue it all in person.

5. Book your flights

Heading to camp as a returner is great, you know where you’re going so you’ll be able to get the best deals early on. Wahoo.

Upload a copy of your flights, this will help us to issue your insurance within your traveling dates.

Please note - the embassy recommends waiting to book your flight until you have your visa granted. Just in case.

6. Go change the world

You’re heading home!

As you already know summer camp is the greatest place on Earth and we’re on hand to help with whatever you need, 24/7.

Make the best of this opportunity, be there for others, enjoy from the very first night, go find the best version of you and bring it back home.

Enjoy and Have Fun.

Returner FAQ's

You pay less, earn more, all while getting the same kick ass support from our dedicated team.