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Welcome home.

Welcome Back

Returning to summer camp doesn’t just mean another epic summer doing the best job in the world.

You'll also pay less, can earn more, all while getting the same amazing support from our dedicated team.

Let's get you home.

Returning to Camp?
  • Negotiate your salary with your camp
  • Pay in instalments or in full for discounts
  • You can return to the same camp you attended in previous years, or go to a new one
  • You don't need to have travelled with us before

What you get?

  • Speedier application process
  • Accommodation & Meals
  • 90 day medical insurance policy
  • J1 VISA support and guidance
  • DS2019 processing fee included
  • 24-hour emergency support in America
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Additional costs

3rd party fees are exactly the same, no matter which company you go with. We always like to be open and honest when it comes to costs involved, so there are no additional surprises.

  • Flights - Return flights to the USA
  • Visa Application Fee - $160 USD
  • SEVIS Few - $35 USD
  • Passport Delivery Service - $15 USD

Lead your way!

  • Follow the instructions on your profile and complete every section available.
  • We are here to support your progress but the process is in your hands.

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Back to camp in 5 steps:

1. Log in

If you’ve been with us to camp before, simply log in & all your information will carry over.

If you haven’t been with us before, no problem - start a new application, let us know you've been to camp before and one of our team will take it from there.

Get started
2. Pay your deposit

To secure your place as a returner, you need to pay your deposit.

We’d recommend doing this as soon as possible, as visa paperwork is limited and we don’t want you to miss out.

Pay your deposit
3. Upload your camp contract

Let your Camp Directors know ASAP that you plan to head back to camp so they can send you your camp contract.

We need your camp contract before we can start your visa paperwork.

4. Get your visa

We’ll help to get your visa paperwork sorted and will order that all important DS-2019.

Although you’re returning, you’ll still need to head to the embassy as they like to issue paperwork in person.

5. Book your flight

This time around, you know where you're heading - so you’ll have access to the best flight deals. Wahoo!

Please note - the embassy recommends that you do not book your flight until you've had your visa approved.

Frequently asked returner questions

Can I go with Camp Leaders if I used a different agency before?

Anyone who has been at camp before is eligible. If you went to camp with another agency, you can still return with Camp Leaders.

What should I expect returning to summer camp?

Lower fees and higher wages. You pay less in program fees as a returner and, because your camp won't be paying an agency fee, you can negotiate your salary directly with your summer camp in America!

How do I get a higher wage as a returner?

As a returner, your camp will not pay a placement/administration fee to Camp Leaders which means you should be paid the same as any other American staff member. Boom.

How difficult is the returner application?

As you already have your job we need less information from you - it's super quick, easy and hassle free.

If I originally went to camp with a different agency, do I pay as a returner?

No, the pricing will be different if this is the first time you are traveling with Camp Leaders.

Do I have to do all the paperwork for my Visa?

Yes, you will need to do all your paperwork again, and all Returners must still attend an appointment at the US Embassy.

Let's get you home.