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5 Highlights of an American Road Trip with The Coyote Trip

America is home to some of the world’s most iconic cities, expansive landscapes and beautiful scenery.

So for those finishing summer camp, visiting these premier destinations is high on the agenda, and here at the Coyote Trip, we visit many of these on our American road trips.

Author: The Coyote Trip
17 Mar 16:23

There is something for everyone, no matter which area of the States you wish to uncover. By road, rail, boat or foot, you’ll immerse yourself in the incredible richness that this country has to offer, experiencing moments that few will have. Post camp, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to tick these leading places off, and we help you do just that.

Big Cities
New York.

Perhaps the most famous of all is also our starting location: New York City.

The “Big Apple” has inspired a whole plethora of films and TV shows, possessing unique energy and constant buzz. Whilst the sights and sounds of Times Square and Manhattan are unmissable – we also recommend checking out more than just the tourist hotspots. We love taking a morning walk to our yoga class in Central Park or bar-hopping through the hipster district of Williamsburg. Nowhere is the indomitable spirit of New Yorkers more resonant than at Ground Zero where you can recount the tales of heroism and resilience on the city’s darkest day.

Departing New York, The East Coast cities of Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C are also filled with some of the most important aspects of American history. In Boston, you can stroll the Freedom Trail and discover more about the road towards American independence. The Liberty Bell in Philly' is one of the nation’s most powerful symbols and is well worth the stop.

Moving on, D.C is a treasure trove of historical sights. From the Lincoln Memorial and the White House to the Washington Monument – the capital is packed with fascinating sights. There’s plenty more to all these cities than their past and we check out the evolving, modern city of these places too. Whether it’s shooting hoops in Philly', making clam chowder in Boston or doing cross-fit amidst the monuments in D.C- there’s a whole host of things to enjoy.

As for the West Coast- there’s glitz, glamour and excitement in the hedonistic paradise of Las Vegas. Check out the incredible casino hotels, marvel at the excess of the Strip and take in the unique nature of this city of the desert.

We also spend time in the Californian duo of San Francisco and Los Angeles. The former is a delight with bohemian bars, artsy culture and the stunning Golden Gate Bridge. The latter evokes fame and fortune – discover the city of the stars and visit the iconic Hollywood sign. Both have an enviable culinary and bar scene that our adventure leaders will help you to uncover. Plus we’ll get into the heart of these places too, with plenty of active options. These can include in-line skate on Venice Beach, surfing off the Californian coast and cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge.

What’s more – these cities are often bathed in sunshine and blue skies.

The Coastline
On the beach in America.

The Coyote Trip takes you from the East Coast to the West and on both sides of America- there’s natural splendour aplenty.

The West Coast grabs the headlines with its sweeping panoramas and spectacular beaches. We travel up a winding section of the Pacific Coast and call in at incredible coastal spots like Santa Cruz. This beach-town hosts some of the world’s best surfing, pristine beaches and a chilled, Californian culture. Riding the train up the coast offers a whole series of stunning views to enjoy.

The East Coast is also a real pleasure and we visit one of its most alluring parts for a couple of days in Cape Cod. There are some stunning vistas here and some beautiful coastal hikes and cycles to enjoy. Lighthouse and lobsters are amongst the highlights of this region too and we suggest walking to the former and treating yourself to the latter at a seaside shack.

For those that love the beach, you’ll certainly feel at home here.

Epic Road Routes
Route 66, an American road trip.

Whether it’s driving down Route 66, staring out at the Pacific Coast or cycling down to Cape Cod- there’s a whole range of incredible American road trips to enrich your travels.

The destinations may be amazing but half the fun is gazing out at the surroundings and immersing yourself in the ever-changing scenery of the country. You’ve got highways carved through the desert on one day and coastal trains and boat rides in San Francisco’s waters the other.

We take a whole range of transport on our Coyote Trip and cover a lot of ground so you can enjoy a true range of this varied nation.

Natural Wonder
The Grand Canyon.

Any American road trip takes in mesmerizing natural beauty.

There are more options than you can ever hope to visit in a few weeks but we’ve hand-picked some of our favourites to visit. Chief amongst these is the time we spend camping in the National Parks. Staring out at the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon is truly awe-inspiring and we love nothing more than sitting amidst the grandeur, sipping a drink and reflecting on the vastness of the world.

Yosemite National Park is an outdoor playground filled with striking waterfalls, serene lakes, canyons and views that will shake up your Instagram game. You can hike, swim and relax amidst the ever-changing set of views and these parks are all well-maintained and offer a real chance to get away from it all.

For activity specialists and camp counsellors who have finished these activities at summer camp, these activities provide the chance to trade working for the wide world.

Welcoming people

Throughout America, you’ll be met with a constant warm welcome. The nation may have faced problems in the last few years- but the quality of American hospitality remains.

During our travels across a range of states, we’ve always been struck by how friendly and kind our hosts have been. An upbeat “Howdy, how are you?” is always a mood-lifter and there are smiles aplenty across the states! The destinations are beautiful, the food fantastic and the cities fascinating- but it’s the warmth of the Americans themselves that’s the real highlight of any American Road trip.

The beauty of an American road trip is that there’s something for everyone.

Those who love the cities will love the expansive metropolia of Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles, whilst those who appreciate natural beauty will certainly be in for a treat as well.

Wherever you fall, there’ll be something for you, and it’s a key reason why an American road trip is for absolutely everyone who is finishing summer camp.

The Coyote Trip
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