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A Love Letter from Summer Camp Counselors to Walmart

With miles of aisles of fun, the one's for you Walmart. You're there for us when we need anything and a quick letter is the least we could do.

Author: Rhiannon
17 Dec 16:57

Our spiritual home.

When someone asks if you want to go to Walmart… no matter how tired you are, no matter how long your day, no matter if you actually need anything... there is only one response.


You always remember your first time. It’s so much bigger than expected. Endless aisles of candy, snacks and the unexpected.

Have you tried Nerds, Snyder's pretzels or Milk Duds? You can at Walmart.

Want a haircut, a McDonalds dollar cheeseburger or a t-shirt featuring an uncomfortably large eagle? You can at Walmart.

Nothing is out of reach at Walmart.

A 300 bottle pack of Gatorade, a crazy creek and a glow in the dark hula hoop. All your basic needs are covered here.

Birthday cake, pretzels, mint, white chocolate, peanut butter, carrot cake, candy corn, candy apple or caramel… It feels like there’s more flavours than M&M World at Walmart.

Human sized bottles of shampoo (maybe we exaggerate) but the supply is endless and lasts the whole of camp. Even when we wash our hair twice after an unexpected all day swim.

Egg crates aren’t just for eggs at Walmart.

A litre of ranch sauce, a 12 man tent and a space hopper, sounds like the beginning of a great story.

A 15ft swimming pool, a bacon scented pillow, pickle flavoured popsicles… Whatever you fancy, Walmart’s got you.

Walmart doesn’t care what you’re wearing. Walmart doesn’t judge.

Voted number one for a counselor night out and we know why.

Thank you Walmart.

P.S. We love you.

Rhi is our company wordsmith. Having been to summer camp for 6 years, there's nothing this veteran doesn't know.

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