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Should I Return to Camp?

So you’ve had the best summer of your life. You’re back home and waiting by the phone for that dreaded phone call. What will you say? Are you returning? Have you got other plans? I know how you feel. The decision isn’t easy.

Author: Abbie J
07 Nov 15:32

There’s a few things to consider before you make up your mind. Here are the advantages of going back to camp for another summer of fun… You get to return to your second home and reunite with your summer family. The fun didn’t end last summer.

Here’s a blank page awaiting a new chapter to be splashed with suncream and colour war paint.

Not only do you get to see you friends again, but most of your campers will be returning too. This is a chance to claim those children for another two months. Within those ten months you’ll be shocked to see how much your little ones have grown - they may have outgrown you! Being able to witness the growth and development of your campers is an honour. These kids have looked up to you and you’re a big reason they choose to come to camp. They are even more ecstatic when they get to see their favourite staff from last year returning for more fun.

Another summer at camp means another year of fun. It also means another summer of experience. Put that on your CV!

Having worked at a summer camp for two summers has helped me massively when looking to be recruited. The skills you acquire over the summer are things that cannot be taught elsewhere. If you’ve been more than once it shows commitment, loyalty and the ability to expand on those talents.

If you want to go back to camp but also want a change then there are options. Talk to your employer at camp about other roles on camp. Many of the staff in my first summer returned as different positions the following summer. Elicia Dance became Elicia GL, Gumins Tennis became SPOPS and Nathan LT staff became SAC (a lot of camp jargon for you). If you enjoy what you did but want a change of scenery then that is also an option. Why not try a new camp? Work in a different state. Explore other possibilities. If you worked at an all girls Christian camp then why not try a mixed YMCA camp? Having already worked at a summer camp is a massive advantage when it comes to recruiting time. You’ll stand out above newbies as you get the fuss of camp and you probably already own one too many tie dye t-shirts.

After two summers at camp I decided I was going to head back to the states but this time to travel. I funded 80% of my month long trip from East Coast to West Coast with my paycheck from the summer before. So if you’re debating going back to camp for another summer think about all the travelling you can do with the money you earn which is always better the next time round. Treat that wanderlust for a few more weeks and provide your InstaFans with some more adventurous content. Trek America offer ‘100% America 100% Adventure’ with tours beginning and ending wherever you want to go. If you return to camp with Camp Leaders, you receive a 10% discount off your Trek America adventure!

If you’re in a position to even consider going back to camp then count yourself lucky and grab the opportunity.

Once you get into that 9-5 adult lifestyle you will not be getting 2 months off for summer to play capture the flag. But if you’re feeling a bit ‘been there, done that’ and fancy something different then remember - you are never too old for camp. The one thing I love most about camp is that I have friends that are 8 years old and friends that are 68 years old. Camp isn’t only for 18 year old gap year kids. Take some time off and explore a different part of the world and if you miss camp, then go back next year. They’ll be waiting on your return like next season of Peaky Blinders.

Abbie J
Abbie is a true 10 for 2 found in the art shack with paint in her hair and adventure plans at the ready.

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