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The United Shakes of America

Our TOP 9 featured classic all American Milkshakes & Diners that will be bringing the boys "and girls" to the yard...

Author: Camp Leaders
18 Jan 14:09

The United Shakes of America edition treats you a sweet and delicious guide to America’s very best malty melting moments; The quintessential American milkshake.

Our Top 9 featured shakes & diners will put a cherry and sprinkles on top of your epic summer camp adventure in the United States of America.

It’s true that in most cases, nothing beats a classic blend of choc’ or strawbs’ but it’s certainly time to welcome you tastebuds to the enchanting lifestyles of the rich and creamy and the true art of milkshakery in America. An icon to the nation, you've seen them featured in retro roadside diners and now it's time to savour your own mouthwatering moment.

Whilst you will wander and stroll through incredible city sidewalks and find a delightful diners on just about each and every city corner in the U.S, we're here to share our treasured favourites, and to avoid any hangry-shake decision making moments. Trust us the extensive milkshake menus, flavours, toppings and supersize and snack additions are endless.

Ever thought about trying the 'Salted caramel, nutella, honeycomb crunch? Oh and would you like that with plain or chocolate milk, whipped cream too? sprinkles? Oh and would you like a side of fries? The answer is always yes, yes and yes.

It's time to get started on sharing our favourites, so have a look at these diners and add milky malts to your bucket list.

1. Twistee Treat

Twistee Treat is simply one of those little places that does what it does so very well. An ice cream and shake icon in small cities throughout Florida & Texas, Twistee Treat takes milkshakes to a whole new level. From caramel and coconut to cotton candy, our hot favourite would have to be the honeycomb brownie crunch. Lots of optionals here, so we also suggest going for a sprinkles sandwich. Think of a waffle taco, ice cream, additionals. I mean who needs a main course when you have one of these beauties!

2. Nickel Diner, Los Angeles

If you're looking for traditional, retro American Diner boasting homestyle hospitality then this is the place for you. One of those menu's that sounds so good, the waiter is probably going to have to come back to you at least 5-6 times before you've made your selection.

To go for a milkshake that's a little left of centre, we dare you to try the spicy Mexican chocolate shake.

3. Shake Shack, New York

A story well worth telling is that this delightful, New York Milkshake matriarch which has become so remarkably popular amongst locals and tourists alike, simply started as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park. Don't be surprised to see a bit of a line to place your order, some things are worth waiting for...and this is one of them. We'd go to whole hog here and not just settle for the shake but add a burger and fries to the mix.

Our top selection is the; Shake Burger, crinkle cut fries and drum roll salted caramel shake with choc sprinkles and cream.

4. Fremont Diner, Sonoma

The Fremont Diner really is the cool kid on the block. You'll drive by and not realise the urban, rustic, retro charm of this West Coast roadside stop. Highlighted by a vintage rusted truck out the front, expect the unexpected once you walk in, in a really really good way. This is the real American comfort food and modern classics with chicken waffles and pies.

Our top pick; Nutella and Peanut Butter shakes! They are seriously out of this world. We'd make a detour any day to drop into the Fremont Diner.

5. Darcy's Cafe, North Dakota

To mix things up a little bit, we've included Darcy's Cafe as it showcases a 'Hole in the wall' style cafe diner, which may not be as fancy to the eye as some others but the quality of this place is undeniable and knocks malts and melts out of the park. Booth style seating, classic 50's tunes, and quite possibly the best apple and cinnamon shake we've ever had.

6. Ruths Diner, Salt Lake City

Because every once in awhile you need to have a sip and a serve of food from a trolley car. Ruths Diner is a true institution in Salt Lake City. As the local press have mentioned "In a perfect world, every town would have a diner just like Ruths' - City Weekly.

7. Black Tap, New York

You must go here and order everything on the menu. From the Cotton Candy Shake to the Choc Malteser Donut and Birthday Cake Shake. We'd even consider booking in our wedding here. It's that good!

8. South Street Diner, Boston

An all time local hero in Boston which opened its doors back in 1947, this is the place foodies and chefs become heroes. Repeatedly voted the 'Best of Boston' by Boston Magazine, and is perfect for brekky, lunch, dinner or a late night midnight feast as it's open 24/7 and never disappoints. We recently visited during our time at camp and highly recommend the traditional strawberry ice cream soda. When you think of South Street Diner, think booths, rollerblades, colour and jukeboxes.

9. Maggie Moos, Memphis

Maggie Moos is an ice cream, malt and milk treatery. You can find Maggies in Memphis, Texas & Georgia distributing the best sundae themed ice cream supershakes. The best part about it is that you can choose a mix-in option, so if you're feeling like the blueberry with a little side of cookies and cream, you go for it. The options and flavours are endless. Look out for the moo cow on the door and head on in.

This has left us a little thirsty and a little hungry all at once. Happy Shakin' Y'All!

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