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Why Camp Counselors Make Great Leaders

We explain why working as summer camp counselor gives you the strong leadership qualities which employers look for.

Author: Camp Leaders
17 Dec 12:23

With mornings spent by the lake and evenings spent around the campfire singing and making s’mores, the professional skills that camp counselors gain at summer camp can sometimes be sidelined.

Camp counseling is, in fact, a role which nurtures with it many professional skills, such as communication, responsibility, tolerance, and flexibility. Every day, camp counselors learn how to solve conflicts effectively, how to adapt to the needs of individual campers, enhancing their ability to work with others. Super skills for super people.

"Despite not wanting to go into a career working with children, camp has still done wonders. The biggest thing it has shown me is resilience and stamina – and that I can do anything if I try". - Liam Cutler

What happens when the rain won't stop and you have a bunk full of restless campers?

You learn to be quick-witted, flexible and innovative, embracing the challenge of changing conditions to engage the campers. In today's professional market, many employers are looking for the leadership characteristics that counselors have built up throughout their summer camp experiences. A summer camp counselor is not only a leader but a team player.

You have the ability to use your initiative, inspire others to action and encourage participation and cooperation into campers and other staff members. You know how to communicate and work with others, aptitudes which are crucial regardless of the profession within which you work. These skills show an employer that you care about the productivity and operation of an organisation. You recognise the importance of building a ‘community’, a skill which will give counselors an edge in the professional world.

"I’m a lot more open minded, I feel more comfortable in my own skin and with my own quirks, I use to feel the need to 'fit in' but having been part of summer camp seen the rawness of people, lived life without the influence of social media, society, I don't have that desire anymore!” - Pagan Eastlake

Like Great leaders, camp counselors are inclusive.

You recognise the strengths and talents of each individual, and you know how to encourage participation. You know that being a good leader is not about telling people what to do, it's about supporting the team, after all, you are all working toward the same goal. At summer camp you’re a mentor to your campers, offering support and encouragement.

This is replicated in your professional career as team members look to great leaders for motivation and advice. Camp Counselors know that the camp spirit is all about celebrating achievements and overcoming obstacles. In the same way that successful leaders recognise that results come from celebrating successes and recognising exceptional work of both individuals and the team.

"Camp has helped me to become a more confident person even in new situations and environments. Camp has also taught me to go for new opportunities and experiences even if you don't know where it will lead you". - Stephanie Ford

When you think about it, your experience of going to work at summer camp as a camp counselor isn’t so different from what you’ll experience when you join a company. You begin as one of many counselors, each with different perspectives and strengths. However, with time, you all come together to form a cohesive team, with each member contributing in diverse and valuable ways.

"Meeting people from other countries, other religions, age groups, ethnicities, that's what life is really all about". - Alex Green

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