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The ultimate working holiday.

Experience a working holiday in the USA.

If you've done traditional working holidays such as Australia or New Zealand, why not sample something new and try working holidays in USA?

U.S. working holidays allow you to spend a summer season living it up Stateside, with 3 months to work and holiday giving you the perfect the change of scenery mid-year.

What's better, is that this is no typical US working holiday. You'll be on a cultural exchange placement, with your food, accommodation and pocket money all included, meaning even less to worry about, and more to enjoy.

What's included when working at summer camp
  • Job placement & a minimum $1800 pocket money after tax
  • Accommodation and food during your placement at camp
  • 90 days travel insurance
  • Support with securing the required J1 cultural exchange visa
  • Online hiring fairs and prep days
  • Pre departure spport from those who have been to camp
  • 24/7 emergency hotline when in the US
  • 30 days to holiday after camp

With at least 10 weeks at camp and a month to travel after, it's the perfect US working holiday plan.

One of the UK's favourite working holiday seasons

Discover the UK's best-kept summer secret.

Summer camp in America has been going for over half century, and each year, tens of thousands of applicants fly to the US from the UK.

When people think working holidays, they may think party seasons in Europe, ski seasons in Canada, or traditionally, the backpacker seasons in Australia and New Zealand.

But with no age limit, countless job roles, and more inclusions than any other working holiday, A US working holiday has become one of the UK's favourite summer seasons, thanks to summer camp.

Tie it into your existing working holiday trip

Make your year one to remember.

If you're taking a year off for a gap year, sabbatical, or more simply, you just want to see the world, then working at summer camp will be perfect for you.

For people on working holidays in the southern hemisphere, such as Australia or New Zealand, summer camp provides the perfect opportunity to make your trip 12 months of summer.

With reversed seasons, 'down under' will begin heading into winter about May, meaning if you're chasing the sun, you can carry your working holiday on to the US at summer camp in June through to September.

Every one of our camps is handpicked by our US based team who visit them each summer.

Locations across the US

Find a new home away from home."

We work with 100s of summer camps across all 50 states (yes, we even work with a camp in Hawaii).

Each of these camps have been hand-picked and visited by our team, meaning we only work with the highest quality employers.

From New York to California, South Carolina to Wisconsin, or even Hawaii to Alaska, your US working holiday could end up somewhere you never knew existed, but one which you end up loving as 'home'.

Work and holiday Stateside.

Work hard, play hard.

Summer camp is the most fun you'll have being challenged. You'll get out of your comfort zone, develop, and make an impact all within ten weeks.

But once your placement of a lifetime is over, you'll have 30 days to explore wherever you like in America. You've got ultimate freedom in this time to steer your working holiday in the direction you want.

Learn more about travelling after camp

With most camps running from June to August, it's the perfect mid-year US working holiday opportunity.

Discover the ultimate working holiday in the USA.

When is summer camp in America?

Start dates vary by camp, but most summer camps in America start in June, and run through until August.

Can I choose which camp I go to?

You can't directly choose your camp, but you can certainly influence where you get placed! Let us know your skills and preferences in as much detail as possible, and we'll help match you with a camp that suits you - the more detail you give, the more we can show camps that you'd be a great addition to their summer staff.

Remember, it's a summer job, so you'll need to be hired by a camp in order to be placed there. You'll always be able to meet your Camp Director, and find out more about the camp, before you accept any offer and confirm your placement - but we're sure you'll love them.

Where are your camps?

We have camps in all 50 states across America. Some areas are more densely populated with camps due to the history and natural landscapes. For example, we've got over 100 camps in New York State alone.

How do you pick the camps you work with?

Each member of our dedicated US team has been to camp and experienced running a camp themselves. We personally handpick all of our camps, to ensure they're a suitable match for the Camp Leaders program. Each year, we review our camps and get feedback from everyone who attended, to make sure we only work with the best out there.

Do I need different qualifications to work at different types of camps?

No - however, you may need different qualifications for different roles at camp. For example, if you want to be a climbing instructor, you may need real experience teaching alongside some climbing certifications - but if you're interested, apply anyway.

Is the accommodation the same at each camp?

Facilities do vary across camps - however, we make sure they all meet a set standard that are suitable for Camp Leaders to live in.

Do I get days off at each type of camp?

Yes. The timetables will vary across different camps and roles, but everyone will get a set amount of days to off to explore America and rest.

Do I need to be practicing a faith to go to a Jewish or Christian camp?

No! Some faith-based camps may prefer you to be of a specific faith, or be actively practicing - but most often, they hire people based solely on personality or skill and if you're willing to work at faith-based camp.

How many children attend a summer camp?

The amount of camp attendees can vary greatly depending on the size of the camp. You'll be able to ask your Camp Director more about this during your interview!