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All-American adventure.

What is Camp Leaders?

American summer camps host more than 10 million kids each year, so Camp Directors hire fun, energetic, and friendly staff from all over the world. That's where you come in.
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You'll be at camp for 9 epic weeks, starting in June. Spend your summer by the lake, making new friends, and building your CV working with kids.

Explore America with your new friends for up to 30 days after camp, before heading home or moving on to another destination.
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There are tons of job roles available, in any activity you can think of. From arts and crafts to watersports, you can teach everything at camp.

On a student budget? No problem. Food and accommodation are included. Plus, you'll earn over $2000 at camp.

You'll become a positive role model to kids as a camp counselor, so you'll develop your independence and prove yourself as a responsible, hard-working individual.
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Gain experience and build your CV. It's not just a summer job. With Camp Leaders, you'll develop leadership skills and boost your employability.

Your summer of a lifetime.