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Meet our summer camp experts.

The Team

Each of us have been to summer camp so we can vouch, first hand, how awesome a summer you're going to have.

We believe summer camp can change your life... well, it did for all of us. And we will go the extra mile to make your journey as easy, fun and smooth as possible.

We're here to make your summer of a lifetime.

Camp Chi

Favourite camp meal: Cookout!

Meet Abbie, our lively, loud and outspoken pocket rocket. Described as a ball of pure energy. If you get to meet her on the phones you'll be greeted with some wonderful Scouse sass(...what even is 'Bacon On'?) and some of the best knowledge on the team. But don't be fooled... she might be our office firework but shes no Katy Perry fan.

Forest Acres Camp for Girls

Favourite sports team: New England Patriots.

Abby is our all-American sweetheart. Leading the teams, she inspires everyone with her can-do attitude and caring nature. She loves all things animal, including our sales team, and she will always be there to help everyone achieve their full potential.

Island Lake Sports & Arts Center

Fave camp meal: Probably like this sweet and sour Chinese chicken thing, or PIZZA day or TACO TUESDAYS.

Also known as "The Desk Wrecker." She’s our all round good Egg. A true Yorkshire lass with a larger than life personality and an appetite to match. She brings a certain energy to anything she does and is always the first to crack a joke. You’ll know when she enters a room and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

First time this year!

Ice cream or froyo?: Ice cream all day... I am British and nothing beats a whippy with a flake!

Austin is our office motivator. Known for his lively personality, dance moves and great sense of humour, everyone loves it when Austin is on the floor. He's a Welshman with a love for all things American. We can't wait for him to experience camp for the first time this summer!

Echo Lake

Favourite camp weather: Epic thunderstorms, followed by glorious sunshine.

Amy is our sunshine girl. Always positive and very supportive, being on Amy's team is a joy. She loves us all very much and we love her very much too.

Camp Zeke

Favorite travelling memory:Watching the moon rise in the dead of night at Monument Valley.

Becki is our flight wizard who makes sure that everyone gets to camp. She is also a Disney fan so sooner or later we will have our own Disney-themed plane.

Camp Kinder Ring

Spirit animal: Beluga whale. They're a little bit weird but a jolly creature and very sociable too.

Prada shoes, fierce hair and a pure love for summer camp. Our Elle is extra beyond belief but we wouldn't change her for the world. She's an absolute joy to be around. Watch this space, we're expecting big things for Elle this season.

Camp Echo Lake

Favourite camp outfit: Slides, white socks, shorts and a Patagonia jumper. (Other jumpers brands available)

Frankie is the office nice guy. You'll never see him without a hat on his head and a huge smile on his face. Be sure to make him giggle, his laugh is a treat for the ears and wonderfully infectious.

The League at Camp Greentop

Favourite place at camp: Round the Camp Fire.

Born in the Lebanon to a trapeze artist and a snooker player, he doesn't like to talk about his past so don't ask him. He hates heights. And swings. And tables. And pockets. He fell in love with Hungary on a school trip and moved to England not long after. He didn't have to, he just wanted to. That's the kind of guy he is. Gabor.

Camp Kinder Ring

Favorite camp song: "This is the hope"- Rick Recht.

Meet George, our office mischief maker, always one to be up for a game of ping pong, George is a summer camp veteran with 8 summers up his sleeve. He loves movie making and motorbike riding with his Dad, be sure to ask him about the time he fell down a mountain in South Africa... rumour has it it's on youtube.

YMCA Santa Maria

Spirit animal: Custard Creams (...we're not convinced this is an animal Guy)

Guy is a gem. Nothing is ever too much trouble and he's always willing to help (even when you've gone through 10 keyboards and need another one). We don't know anybody that he doesn't put a smile on their face each and every day. A truly inspiring captain. Plus he makes a cracking cup of tea.

Camp Kamaji

Ice cream or froyo: Ice cream all the way. Fell in love with Choc Chip, cookie dough at camp. My first experience of this flavour. Opened up a whole new world of ice creams.

Helen has a heart of gold. Shes our office queen who's willing to step in at any time to help others. There's nothing she doesn't know and nothing she cannot do. Be sure to turn up with a can of coke and a chocolate bar, if anyone deserves a treat, it's our Helen.

New York YMCA

Favourite camp song: I'm A Lumberjack

Meet Ian. Our token tough guy. With a wicked sense of humour, he's always one to go to for a sharp joke. He's also a very calm person. He takes things in his stride and never passes judgment. He listens to both side of the story before responding in an empathic and fair way. A good all rounder.

YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

Favourite camp meal: Grilled cheese

Hardworking, dedicated with a great sense of humour, John is a rare breed. Always there to help everyone in the office, you can rely on John to be the man with the plan. He's also a huge fan of wing Wednesdays, Joan and the Dodgers.

NJY Teen Camp

Favourite American word: "Romper."

Starting as one of out National Team, we couldn't be happier to have this smiler on the team. Known for her cartwheels, dance moves and endless positive energy, she a summer camp loving legend who makes everyone's day.

Camp Kinder Ring

Favourite camp meal: Mac and cheese!!

This Guy could blind the sun with his Smile, his positivity is infectious. We'll admit he’s a bit clumsy, especially with passports, although, like a well-trained pigeon, he always finds his way home. He lives the camp leaders values and he’s only just started! We know Matt is destined for big things.

New York YMCA

Favourite camp weather: Sun sun sunnnnnnn.

Meet Ollie, a super laid back "Chap". He keeps us healthy and well fed on delicious homemade protein balls and although he pretends to avoid junk food, we all know he enjoys it just as much as we do. If you meet Ollie on the phones, you'll be charmed by his positive outlook and caring attitude.

Camp Shane, NY

Favourite place at summer camp: The waterfront.

Pete is the Chief of the whole operation. Always there to greet everyone with an "alrwiitee", this spreadsheet wizard is the driving force behind the UK Camp Leaders team. You can always rely on Pete with his knowledge, passion and ability to see the bigger picture. With Pete at the helm you always know you're going in the right direction.

Boulder Ridge

Favourite food: Texas BBQ.

He’s got beautiful locks of curly hair. He’s now a turtle but used to be a bear. He doesn’t sit on his chair, instead, he stands up in the air.

YMCA Camp Kanata

Favourite all-American sports team: Carolina Panthers.

Ryan is the office nice guy. Leading the helm for our National Team, this good egg will always go above and beyond to get the job done. A huge Liverpool fan, team player and all round cool kid, the only time we've ever seen him look unsettled is on a horse.

Birch Trail Camp for Girls
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