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Meet our summer camp experts.

The Team

Each of us have been to summer camp so we can vouch, first hand, how awesome a summer you're going to have.

We believe summer camp can change your life... well, it did for all of us. And we will go the extra mile to make your journey as easy, fun and smooth as possible.

We're here to make your summer of a lifetime.

Full support for your best summer.

Who are we?

We're here to help you have the summer of your life doing what you love.

We've spent hundreds of summers in America all together, so you can turn to us with any questions you may have.

We provide you full support from the moment you decide to apply.

To make the first steps easier, we created an application guide, so after you get through that, you can start planning your summer.

If you want to meet the Camp Directors and get hired on the spot you can register for the job fairs, and to give you an idea about post-camp travelling, you can check out our travel tips and the after camp perks.

Check out the job fair locations
YMCA Santa Maria

Spirit animal: Custard Creams (...we're not convinced this is an animal Guy)

Guy is a gem. Nothing is ever too much trouble and he's always willing to help (even when you've gone through 10 keyboards and need another one). We don't know anybody that he doesn't put a smile on their face each and every day. A truly inspiring captain. Plus he makes a cracking cup of tea.

Camp Kinder Ring

Favourite camp meal: Mac and cheese!!

This Guy could blind the sun with his Smile, his positivity is infectious. We'll admit he’s a bit clumsy, especially with passports, although, like a well-trained pigeon, he always finds his way home. He lives the camp leaders values and he’s only just started! We know Matt is destined for big things.

YMCA Camp Kanata

Favourite all-American sports team: Carolina Panthers.

Ryan is the office nice guy. Leading the helm for our National Team, this good egg will always go above and beyond to get the job done. A huge Liverpool fan, team player and all round cool kid, the only time we've ever seen him look unsettled is on a horse.

Our US team of experts are here to support you throughout the summer:

Head of Operations

Favourite place in the States: Austin, Texas

CHI/Camp Leaders Program Manager

Favourite place in the States: New Orleans, Louisiana

I manage the Camp Leaders team here in the US and work to strengthen our relationships with camps. I act as the bridge of communication between our recruiting offices and our team here in Austin.

CHI Camp Leaders Operations Manager

Favourite place in the States: Sanbridge Beach, VA

Our Values

All across the world we’re connected, inspired and motivated by our strong values.

Our purpose is to inspire people to go further, and our international offices are filled with staff who do just that.

Want to start your adventure?

Proud to be part of Smaller Earth

At Smaller Earth, we are the work and travel experts. We inspire people to go further.

From our 15 international offices, we send thousands of young people on work and travel programs, all around the world.

Camp Leaders is just one of the awesome opportunities that Smaller Earth has to offer around the world.

Connecting people with the world through unforgettable experiences.