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The ultimate student summer job.

Swap going back home for going to America.

If you're going to be working this summer anyway - why not have fun while you're at it?

Don't get stuck at home working a boring job this summer. Do something different - be a Camp Leader, and head to America for the ultimate student summer job. Work all summer long, make new friends, spend 30 days travelling around the USA, and get home just in time for your next semester.

9 weeks at camp. 30 days of free travel time. Earn money. Build your CV. Meet people from all over the world.

Join thousands of students going to camp this year.

Camp Leaders fits right in with a university schedule - which makes it a prime summer student job.

If you're torn between working a summer job and travelling the world while you're young, summer camp in America is the perfect solution. You'll work for 8 weeks over the summer, earning money to explore the USA for up to 30 days after camp.

Your whole summer in America for the price of a flight.

Build your CV while having an incredible summer.

It's not just a student job. Employers value experience and competence above almost everything else - which is why Camp Leaders is one of the top summer jobs abroad for students.

We set you up with a great opportunity to prove yourself as a competent, dedicated, hard-working adult who takes responsibility for yourself and others - and we provide you with the ultimate environment to do that in the most fun way possible. If that doesn't make your CV stand out, we're not sure what will.

"The skills developed by working abroad are increasingly in high demand throughout many different industries. We actively support our students’ participation in the Camp Leaders program as it boosts their employability, develops their leadership skills and enables them to become confident, well-rounded individuals.”

Paul Chapman, CEO Liverpool John Moores Student Union

The ultimate student summer job.

Student jobs, student travel.

Of course, it's not all about working a student job abroad. Camp Leaders is a top student travel opportunity.

You'll spend your summer in America exploring the great outdoors at camp, but you'll also have a full month afterwards to go where you want, when you want - and you'll get some awesome Camp Leaders perks, too.

Check out the student travel perks

Go with the student travel experts.

We've got the largest camp customer service team worldwide, and every one of our expert team members has worked a student job at summer camp in America.

We're on hand every step of the way to help you have the summer of your lifetime - because we're the student summer work and travel experts.

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Don't get stuck at home this summer.