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two female staff members at summer camp

Not your average day.

Your day at camp

two staff members at summer camp in america

With Camp Leaders, you'll get essentials like food and accommodation included, from the moment you arrive at camp in June - so no matter where you go, you'll have an incredible summer experience.

That said, there's no place in the world quite like summer camp, and each camp has it's own unique features - so we've put together a guide to your typical day at camp.

What to expect at camp:

Morning: 8am - 12pm

a male camp counselor with a camper on his back
Rise and shine: it's another sunny day.

Most camps will start the day at 8am. It'll be easy to get out of bed in the morning - you'll be there from June until August, so you'll be greeted with sunny days, all summer long. Everyone will meet up for breakfast, and then you'll head out for your morning activity.

Camp activities usually start at 10am. Your day might look different depending on what job role you have - camp counselors guide the kids throughout the whole day, and help the activity leaders to teach the campers about each activity. Around noon, you'll go for lunch.

Where you'll wake up.

Camp will start to feel like your second home - you'll be at camp for the whole summer, from June to August, so you'll get settled in comfortably.

Your accommodation situation depends on which camp you end up at. General counselors will typically share a bunk with their group of campers, to keep an eye on them, and activity leaders can sometimes share a cabin with other counselors, depending on availability.

Afternoon: 12pm - 5pm

a female activity leader at camp with a paddle
Grab some lunch, a rest, and get back to the fun.

After lunch, you'll have a well-deserved rest hour. Spend this time relaxing, hanging out, and catching up with your fellow counselors, and then carry on with more activities in the summer sun.

Jump back in to the fun camp activities. You might get in the water, go on an outdoor adventure, or take on an artistic challenge. There are so many things to do at camp, you're sure to have an action-packed summer.

Meals at summer camp.

With Camp Leaders, all your meals at camp are included. You'll get 3 square meals a day, plus lots of snacks between meal times, so you won't go hungry this summer.

Breakfast around 8:30 am: Start each day off right with a full selection of food - syrupy waffles, cereal, sausages, fruit, and more. Dig in - it will be a busy day at camp! You'll also get the kids energized with the camp song or breakfast chant.

Lunch at noon: Everyone's favourite camp meal - campers sometimes spend entire mornings trying to guess what might be for lunch. Tacos, grilled cheese, pasta, and a salad bar - there's an option for every eater.

Dinner around 6 pm: Fill up on a hearty American meal - fried chicken and gravy, slow cooked brisket, mac and cheese, and lots more.

Evening: from 5pm

camp fire at night at summer camp in the US
The sun goes down, but camp comes alive.

After you finish eating dinner, it's time for the night's activities. As the sun starts setting, the whole camp will come together for a campfire, talent show, competition, themed dance, or even an off-camp trip for laser tag or bowling.

Before bed, have some milk & cookies. When you're ready for lights out, round up your campers, head back to your cabin, and get some rest. The fun will start all over again in the morning!

Your life at camp.

Each camp has it's own unique traditions, and there are lots of different roles available, so life at each camp will be slightly different.

The best way to find out what your life at camp will look like is to move your application forward to the 'Ready to Hire' stage. At that point, you'll be able to speak to Camp Directors, and they'll tell you all about what to expect before you arrive!

Double up your summer.