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Fencing Coach Jobs

Are you?

Agile, energetic, focused, patient, balanced

Bonus qualifications

Fencing coach jobs require no qualifications, but some knowledge and experience of the sport will be a big benefit to your application.

Why should I be a fencing coach at camp?

Camp Leaders is a top opportunity for people looking for fencing jobs abroad. As a fencing coach, you’ll be able to teach the different skills that you’ve learned from your own fencing discipline and develop your own abilities. It’s a great sport that teaches accuracy, agility and friendly competition which all build a good character.

If you've fenced or coached before, then you'll have the upper hand and be able to teach campers about the sport for 8-10 weeks from June to August.

What does a fencing instructor do?

Most campers will be completely new to fencing, so you'll be teaching them the basics.

You'll get to decide which lessons to teach and when - and you can also organize fencing tournaments or other competitions for the campers to put their skills into practice.You'll get the reward of introducing young kids to something totally new, and watch them improve at it over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my fencing application stand out?

Experience in fencing and working with kids are the two most important and relevant things to put on your fencing application. If you're not currently in a fencing club, it might be worth brushing up on your skills by finding classes to take or joining a club before the summer arrives.

What if I don’t have any fencing qualifications?

Qualifications aren't the big draw here - experience and passion are. If you think you'd make a great fencing coach, you should still apply. After all, you'll be working with beginners - and you'll get a full week of training before they even arrive at camp.

Will I be teaching the classes alone?

You'll be the activity leader, which means you get to design the sessions, but each group of campers will have their own counselor who will go through the day with them. This is part of the fun - you'll get to know everyone at camp as they rotate through your activity.

Should I pack any fencing equipment?

Your Camp Director will tell you what to expect before you leave, but generally, if you're being hired as a fencing activity leader, the camp will provide all the equipment. However, you can feel free to bring your own equipment if desired (just remember not to pack your epee in your carry-on!).

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