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Hike, explore, live for summer.

Mountaineering Instructor Jobs

Are you?

Adventurous, brave, a lover of the outdoors and nature

Bonus qualifications

Hiking and mountaineering jobs don't require any specific qualifications, but relevant experience is always a bonus to your application. If you have a hiking or mountaineering award or certificate, you'll be a great candidate for a hiking job, but you'll also have a great shot if you just enjoy hiking in your free time.

Why should I work a hiking job?

You'll spend 8-10 weeks from June to August at camp in America - so you'll have a ton of ground to explore. If you'd like to go hiking abroad, mountaineering jobs are an incredible way to see the USA's breathtaking views and incredible landscapes.

In a hiking instructor job, you'll be navigating through the great outdoors and leading a group of campers.

What does a Mountaineering instructor do?

As a mountaineering instructor, you’ll be responsible for leading groups of campers on hikes and expeditions in the surrounding area. Depending on how far you're planning to go, the expedition could be one day or several - and there's nothing better than sleeping under the stars in the American wilderness.

You also need to ensure the route you’re taking is safe for everyone, including yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to be a mountaineering instructor at summer camp?

In your Camp Leaders profile, include hiking and mountaineering in your skills. Once your application is at the Ready to Hire stage, Camp Directors will be able to see your profile and hire you for hiking and mountaineering jobs.

How many children will I hiking with?

You'll likely have a group of about 10-30 campers, with several other counselors who will be responsible for their own groups. You'll be able to discover the best trails and paths, and help the campers discover the world around them.

How can I make my hiking instructor application stronger?

Mountaineering jobs require responsible individuals who can be a navigator and hiking guide. It's a good idea to gain some experience working with kids, in first aid, or exploring the outdoors, through local outdoor clubs such as Scouts.

Will I be trained before I start hiking or mountaineering with campers?

On arrival at camp, you'll have a week of training for your new mountaineering job. You'll be able to explore the surrounding area to get a feel for the wildlife and the landscape - it's a good idea to find some easy trails to start with, and explore a little more every day.

Don't miss out on your ultimate mountaineering summer job.