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Exercise those coaching skills.

Activity specialist

Are you?

Experienced in your field and can bring the energy.

Then you'll be a perfect summer camp activity specialist. This summer become the go-to person for a specific skill area.

Most days you’ll have around 5 sessions where you’ll coach, and for that hour it’s where the campers can have fun, improve their skills and try new things.

There’s a reason that everyone wants to be a specialist at camp and here’s a few more...

You get to teach what you love

This is not a desk job. You’ll be able to spend a full 9 weeks teaching something you have always loved doing.

Stacking shelves in the local supermarket all summer or teaching American campers how to swim outside in the pool or lake… we know what we’d choose.

There are so many sports and activities at camp, something for everyone, so whether you're interested in archery, lifeguarding or the great outdoors...

Do something which inspires you this summer.

Make a camper’s summer.

Being a specialist gives way to some pretty special moments.

Teaching a camper to ride a bike or finally swim that length, you did that. Helping with a friendship bracelet or giving them confidence overcome their fears and abseil down the rock tower, yep, you did that.

There’ll be rewarding moments every single day.

Not your average day job

As an activity specialist at camp in America it's your job to make sure your activity is fun and engaging for all campers, no matter their age or ability. Camps are going to need you to teach at any level and to demonstrate, especially if you can backflip… (Gymnasts, you’ll be asked to do that a lot)

The role of an activity specialist is very diverse, it’s not your average job in America. At camp you’ll always have the best of both worlds as when the lessons are finished, you’ll be able to switch up your schedule and be a counselor.

Every day is jam-packed and you're never going to be short of things to do.

You'll know everyone.

One of the perks of being a specialist is that you’ll be able to meet and teach campers of all ages.

Everyone at camp will be coming to you at some point in the week, so you’ll spend each day catching up with everyone rather than working with one specific age group, like the general counselors.

Why should I be an activity specialist?

Being an activity specialist at Summer Camp is one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had.

I loved teaching Campers how to swim, providing them with a huge amount of joy when they were able to swim a width of the dock! Campers were often shy, and didn’t look forward to the swim. By the end of summer Campers were so excited to get in the water, this was a real eye opener to me, about how much impact you can have.  

Oliver Chapman
New York YMCA

Teach what you love this summer

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