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The all round hero.

Camp counselor

Are you?

A strong all rounder and want to work with children.

Then you'll make a great summer camp counselor. Far from the lay down on the couch and tell me about your problems type counselor (which might spring to mind) - at camp, the term counselor simply means you’re the ones in with the kids.

No need for qualifications.

It's one of the best jobs at camp and here's why...

You get to have a go at everything

One of the biggest benefits of being a camp counselor is that you get to have a go at all the activities that camp has to offer. Unlike an activity specialist who will normally be stationed in one specific area, you’ll tour camp with your campers joining in all the fun.

Name us another summer job abroad where you can climb ropes courses, kayak, horse ride and fire an arrow in one day…

It's not your average day job.

The day to day of a summer camp counselor

From waking the campers up in the morning to tucking them in at night, one way to describe being a general counselor is ‘non-stop’.

It’s down to the counselors that the campers get up and ready in the morning, that the cabins are in order and the campers arrive squeaky clean and dressed for their activities. You’re the role model and it's going to be up to you to make every task exciting (even cleaning the bunks).

You know the campers the best

Being a camp counselor means you get to spend your day with your very own rabble.

You’ll be living a bunk with your division alongside spending your full day with them, so you'll get to know the campers really well. Specialists will often say how they wish they knew the kids more as getting to know the campers is half the fun of camp.

You’ll be part of a team.

Camp counselors are a tight-knit group and you’ll all work together to care for your campers.

You’ll be in with Americans and others from all around the world and will have a camaraderie which activity specialists might not have if working by themselves.

Why should I be a summer camp counselor?

Being a camp counselor was the hardest job I ever loved. I’ve never had a more rewarding role that challenged me and taught me more than any classroom ever could. Waking up every morning with new challenges on creating fun and engaging activities was a really exciting task.

No two days were the same and seeing the joy on the children face was worth it.

General Counselor - YMCA Camp Kanata

Frequently asked questions

Will I get time off?

Yes. You will.

Every camp is different but the philosophies remain the same - work hard and play hard.

As part of the camp counsellor program you’ll have days off in your contract for when working at camp, alongside your 30 days to explore the best of America after camp. Soak in the sights, sunshine and experience the real USA firsthand. Whether you fancy a DIY adventure or one of our many discounted group road trips, the USA is yours for the taking.

Will I be trained for the camp counselor job?

Caring for someone else’s children can seem a little daunting but camp has it covered.

Alongside our Prep day - you’ll also spend your first week of camp being trained and introduced to your Camp Counselor job role.

Often called orientation, it will cover things like child protection, crisis management and team-building exercises, so you can get to know your co-counselors (team) properly before camp officially begins.

If you’re working at a more specialist camp, such as a special needs camp or weight loss camp, extra training will be provided.

How old will the campers be?

Every camp is different and based on your own personality you will be assigned an age group to suit you.

Children from 7-16 all come to camp, so from youngsters to teens, there's definitely a bit of variation.

Are there any requirements?

Summer camp in America is one of the most accessible ways to work and travel abroad. However, there are some criteria which you need to meet in order to fulfil the Camp Counselor job. To be a Camp Counselor this summer you must;

Have a clean criminal background, Be available over the summer - between June 19th and August 20th as a minimum, Be over the age of 18 by the time you attend camp, Maybe your dates don’t quite work or there might be something that you know is going to pop up on your medical form which you’re a worried about.

The first thing is to speak to us.

We want to help and what seem like a problem, may not be an issue at all. Give us a call, tweet or just plain shout from the rooftops - we got you.

Spend your summer as a camp counselor in America