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From wooden cabins to water sports.

Types of camp

Summer camps in the US are an all American tradition spanning back over 100 years.

There are over 10,000 summer camps in the US and each one has developed to offer something special to each camper.

We understand how important getting the right summer camp for you is so, with us, you’ll be able to choose which type of summer camp you’d like to work at. If you’re enthusiastic, fun and up for adventure then you will fit right in at all of our camps.

Learn about the different types of summer camp in America and get a feel for where you could be going this summer.

If they all sound amazing then we’ve described them perfectly.

What types of summer camp in America could I go to?

Private camps

A traditional experience

Private or traditional summer camps are the ones most people naturally picture when asked to think of a summer camp.

A private camp means ‘privately owned’ and many of these camps have been run by the same families for generations.

Full of activities, greenery and lakes, you’ll be living in cabins and making the most of the amazing outdoor facilities.

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Agency Camps

It’s fun to work at the…

YMCA, JCC or 4-H club camps are just some of the agency camps we work with.

Very similar to a private camp, these camps are owned by external agencies or not-for-profit groups instead of being owned privately.

Agency camps can differ in their focus, just like our traditional camps, and will offer a feel good environment for children from a variety of backgrounds.

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Special needs camps

Know no limits

Our camps with a special needs focus are here to make summer camp accessible to everyone.

The camps are properly equipped to allow campers to join in with activities, from ropes courses to horse riding, the opportunities for the campers are limitless.

Every child should be able to have the opportunity and it’s the can-do attitude which makes these specialised camps so great to be a part of, whether you're a camper or staff.

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Jewish camps

Friendship, love and community

Jewish camps can be found all over the US, especially on the East Coast, where the tradition began over a century ago.

Our Jewish camps are awesome places to be, with most appearing just like private camps.

The level of faith varies from camp to camp, and you’ll find many of our Jewish camps don’t need for you to be Jewish at all.

You’ll be living in cabins and living it up on the lake. These camps have great facilities to make every camper’s summer the greatest ever.

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Christian camps

Faith makes it possible

Christian camps are set some of the most incredible locations. Normally funded by a Christian organisation, you’ll find great facilities and very happy campers here.

Similar to the private camp traditions, these camps will mix faith into their daily activities to promote friendship, kindness and community and to teach campers faith in a fun environment.

The level of faith and practise will vary from camp to camp, and you’ll be able to tell us about your own faith level in your application.

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Girl scout camps

Perfect if you love cookies...

Embrace the outdoors with our girls scout camps this summer. Girl scout camps are all about campfires, s’mores and getting back to nature.

The Girl Scouts of America’s mission is to 'build girls with courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place' and with hundreds of summer camps all over the country, they’ve definitely found the recipe for success.

If you think you’d enjoy a more rustic environment, then this is the one for you.

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Sports camps

Ready, set, go!

Some summer camps we work with have a specific theme or focus, specialising all their activities and often adding personalised coaching.

These camps are specifically for campers who love a particular activity, whether it be sports, gymnastics, football or horse riding and usually the campers will be training to quite a high level.

Sports camps are typically very well equipped with modern and advanced facilities. These camps will be looking for highly qualified staff, so if this is something you’d be interested in don’t forget to add all your qualifications and experience to your application.

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Day camps

Open in the day...

Day camps are very similar to private or traditional camps but just offer daytime programs.

The campers will arrive in the morning and then will leave before or after dinner, giving you and the rest of the team the evening off.

You can still expect the best of the activities with pools, lakes and climbing courses but just a little more time off than the sleep-away camps.

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Weight loss camps

Have an active summer

If you’re into personal training and getting fit, working at one of our weight loss summer camps might just be your perfect summer job.

These camps are great places which put health first; teaching good eating habits, introducing exercise and improving self esteem.

The goal is to help the campers feel good about themselves and to help them be confident inside and out.

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"You'll learn so much about yourself and the campers!"