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There’s a role for everyone.

Summer camp job roles

Going to work at a summer camp is one of the best summer jobs you could ever have.

We work with over 500 amazing camps, making sure we find you the best summer camp jobs in America.

Whether you see yourself teaching your favourite activity, lifeguarding, trying a bit of everything or something behind the scenes - there’s a role for everyone at summer camp.

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Camp counselor

The all rounder

As a summer camp counselor, your role is to join in, have fun and to guide your campers throughout their schedule.

Far from the lay down on the couch and tell me about your problems type counselor (which might spring to mind) - at camp, the term counselor simply means you’re the ones in with the kids.

No need for qualifications.

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Activity specialist

Teach what you love

As a summer camp activity specialist, you’ll be the go to person for a specific skill area. Activities are what makes summer camp such an energetic and unique place.

Most days you’ll have around 5 sessions where you’ll coach, and for that hour it’s where the campers can have fun, improve their skills and try new things.

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Special needs counselor

Know no limits

A special needs camp counselor fits within the camp counselor category but the work that they do is so awesome we felt they needed their own mention.

No matter a camper’s ability, they deserve to have an amazing summer too.

As a special needs counselor, you’ll be there to support and enable campers of all abilities to flourish and have a summer without limits.

Earn an extra $100 and become a special needs counselor this summer.

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