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It’s fun to work at the…

Agency camps

YMCA, JCC or the 4-H Club are some of the agency and not-for-profit camps we work with.

They offer summer experiences for children who are often from underprivileged backgrounds and the inner cities. Funded by agencies and outside organisations, the camps will vary in facilities but not in motivation.

The campers come to camp for various lengths of time, from just one week or for the full summer season as offered by most private, traditional camps.

Facilities and accommodation

The facilities and offerings at not-for-profit summer camps tend to be a little more simple. Think rustic.

Yes, there will showers at your camp, but they not be the warmest. Yes there will be toilets at your camp, but they may not be in your bunk.

As with working at almost any kind of summer camp, you'll learn that you really don't need the majority of things you currently have in your life. Wi-Fi. TV. Air-Conditioning. Regular hot showers... and we promise you won't even miss them.

The campers

Your days spent at camp will be balanced between looking after your own bunk of kids and helping run the day to day activities across camp as a whole. Your bunk will typically have 6 or more campers in it, and (often with a co-counselor).

A small portion of agency camps will cater more specifically for children from the most underprivileged of backgrounds. These campers will impact you the most - many of them will have been through more hardship than you will face in your entire life.

You're helping to create an amazing experience that will show them that the world isn't such a tough place.

Your application

As part of your application, you’ll be able to specify what kind of camp you’re interested in and we will then look to match you with what matters to you.

You’ll have the option to select working with children from underprivileged backgrounds as part of your application and our team will do their magic.

Remember that being more open to working at different camp types increases your chances of placement.

Placement opportunities

We work with over 500 hundred of the best camps in America, giving you some of the highest placement chances in the industry.

Not for profit camps in America use a number of UK-based agencies to recruit staff and we have been one of the key providers for nearly 20 years, giving you the security of finding that summer camp in America job.

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