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It's always good to know some of the terminology and procedures when it comes to medical care before you have a problem.

We've put together a medical jargon buster, alongside any insurance information you may need.

Make sure you have a read and know your options.

Jargon buster

'Workers Compensation'

While carrying out your assigned duties at camp, you are covered by this special type of medical insurance. So, if you have an injury caused by, or related to, your work at camp, you do not need to worry about deductibles or payments - your camp will take care of it. The insurance that we provide is for non-work related cases, on days or nights off, and while you are travelling after camp. Please talk to your camp director about this.

'Co-payment / Deductible / Excess'

This is the amount you have to pay up front before you receive non-emergency treatment. This will be $100, or $50 if you have upgraded your insurance.

'Emergency Room'

Essentially the same thing as A&E, this is for serious injury or illness that requires immediate medical attention - something you would normally require an ambulance for. You will not need to pay co-payment/deductible for this, though you will receive a hefty bill if it is not an emergency - around $350.

'Direct Billing'

This means that the costs of your treatment are billed directly to the insurance company, after you have paid the co-payment/deductible. You do not see, or have to pay any bills.

Remember, you’re covered with AETNA, so you should go to a clinic or hospital that is affiliated with that particular insurance company – if not, you are liable for costs.

'Urgent Care'

This is like a walk-in clinic, or even a visit to your family doctor. You will need to pay your co-payment/deductible. Use the search function on the eSecutive website to find a doctor or Urgent Care facility in your area.

Activating your insurance

You must activate your insurance before you depart for the USA

America is infamous for enormous medical care costs and getting injured or sick can come with a hefty price. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, your medical insurance (up to 90 days) is all part of your Camp Leaders application.

Please make sure you activate your insurance by carefully following the instructions in the insurance section of your online profile.

  • All the details on your insurance policy, coverage and upgrades can be found through your eSecutive account.
  • Print out your insurance ID card and keep it with you at all times when in the USA.
  • Always have $100 cash (or a credit card) available in case you need to see a doctor.
  • Call the insurance company before you see a doctor (or immediately after if it's an emergency medical situation)
  • Only go to the E.R in a true emergency or it will cost you $350

Pre-existing conditions

Please be aware that if you have a condition that has been treated, or you have taken regular medication for, in the last 6 months, it will not be covered by this insurance.

Contact us if you're not sure this applies to you, we'll be able to talk through and work out which cover you need.

Flight changes

If you change your flight plans and decide to stay longer then that's awesome but don't forget you must extend your insurance.

This can be easily done through your Camp Leaders account.

Extending your insurance

Our included insurance is for the 90 days you’re out in America. If you plan on staying and travelling after the 90 days are up, then that’s no problem. You’ll be able to pay to extend your insurance for each extra day you’re in America.

It costs $1.80 per day and can be done through your eSecutive account.

Know that you're covered with Camp Leaders.