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Life at summer camp

Summer camp is the best place on Earth but it does come with it's fair share of long days and hot summer nights.

Make sure you're looking after yourself when at camp and that you know what to do if you're not feeling 110%.

If you're finding it a bit overwhelming there's always someone to speak to. Always know we're on hand to listen 24 hours a day.

Top tips for when you arrive at camp

  • Get to know your surroundings
  • Don't be afraid to get involved
  • Get to know your co-counselors
  • Contact your parents - let them know you've arrived safely


When you arrive at camp you will have training specific to your role at camp, which will get you fully pumped and ready for the summer.
You may be slightly overwhelmed at the beginning, and that's ok, just make sure you're speaking to people about it and know we're always on hand to help.

Time Off

Don't forget to rest up.

Summer camp may be the best job you’ll ever have but you'll still need a break. It's long hours and despite all the fun you're having, you’re going to be tired.

Each camp is different in the way they structure time off, so check in with your camp about your time and days off. If it doesn't sound right then don't be afraid to ask or contact us.

Keep hydrated

As sweet tasting as it is, make sure you swap the Mountain Dew for a glass of water every now and then and make sure you're well hydrated, because it's going to be hot.

If you have any specific dietary requirements or concerns, then make sure to speak to your boss at camp before you arrive.

Checking in with you


Mental, emotional and social health.

Summer camp can be an intense environment and we want to make sure that you’re taken care of not just physically but emotionally too.

The American Camp Association have a committee who focus on providing guidance for camps around Mental, Emotional, Social and Health (MESH). Check out the ACA mesh toolbox to learn more about preparing for the Emotional and Social aspects of summer camp.

If you feel you're overwhelmed take the time to check in with you. Speak to someone. Call us. We're always on hand to help.

“I arrived at camp after 26 hours of travelling without any sleep. It was 11pm, completely dark and I had absolutely no idea where I was I was surrounded by strangers, in the middle of the woods, wondering, “what has I gotten myself into?” Going to sleep that first night felt completely surreal. I woke up the next morning and before I knew it I was making new mates, enjoying the sun and having the time of my life.”

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