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6 Reasons Why Your Son or Daughter Needs to Go and Work at a Summer Camp in America.

What is all the fuss about going to summer camp? How will this benefit my son or daughter? Why should they go to camp this summer?

Don't worry, we've your questions covered.

Author: Camp Leaders
07 Mar 11:42
What is summer camp?

Summer camp in America is a tradition spanning back over a century. American parents send their children, for up to 7 weeks, to live and play in the outdoors. They sleep in wooden cabin bunks, see their summer camp friends and follow a jam-packed schedule, of fun, sports and creative arts.

A whopping 1.5 million people head out to summer camp in America and Canada, every year!

Summer camps often hire international staff in order to introduce their campers to people from all around the world. It's the perfect US working holiday. This cultural exchange experience helps both campers and staff to develop new perspectives and mutual understanding. Camps range in size, and ownerships vary, but each camp that hires international staff operates under the requirements of the J1 working holiday visa.

Why Camp Leaders?

The J-1 Visa Program is intended to facilitate cultural exchange. One of the requirements of the J1 is that candidates must have an approved sponsor - and that’s where we come in. Camp Leaders partner with various J1 visa sponsors to ensure that our participants have an approved sponsor. But we don’t stop there. We’re dedicated to ensuring a smooth journey - right from the second they apply until they arrive home.

Why should my son or daughter go to summer camp?
1. It will build their CV.

Year on year it becomes harder to stand out from the crowd. With large numbers of young people opting to attend university, applying for a job is more competitive than ever before. From placement years to volunteering initiatives and part-time jobs, young people are constantly looking for ways to boost their CV.

Many young people aspire to travel the world but worry about the effect it may have on securing a job. In reality, travelling and experiencing new cultures will significantly improve their employability prospects. The benefits of working abroad are endless. The WYSE Travel Confederation Report found that 22% of travellers use their experience to add to their skills for their careers.

Summer camp is a globally recognised work abroad program. It holds a positive reputation for encouraging self development amongst summer camp staff. This allows individuals to develop a work ethic that will translate into future career endeavors. Summer camp provides a chance for young people to travel and gain valuable work experience at the same time. As they will work at camp throughout the summer, the Camp Leaders program fits in perfectly with university timetables and college summer holidays, making it one of the best student jobs.

Employers now acknowledge the value of working abroad more than ever. It has become a desirable skill for recruiters as it shows independence, initiative and a desire to go further. Summer camp offers the chance to gain over 800 hours of work experience, to thrive in a different environment and challenge modern work experience.

Working holidays in the USA are the perfect way to make their CV stand out from the crowd.

2. It’s character building.

Anyone who has worked with children can vouch that it's rewarding, but they’ll also tell you that it’s hard work. You’ve got to step up, be responsible and provide a fun and safe environment. Working at a summer camp enables staff to do just that which is why so many people return stronger and more self assured.

Camp brings out an individual's true personality, allowing them to figure out what type of leader and role model they are. Summer camp staff soon become accustom to the techniques needed to keep to the daily schedule. From asking campers to tidy their bunks, to making sure they’ve brushed their teeth and applied sunscreen, it's easy to see why so many staff laugh about how much like their parents they’ve become!

Summer camp staff leave with a different perspective on life. They understand the value of being a role model who others looks up to and rely on. It gives them a level of grit and determination that will positively impact them for the rest of their lives.

3. It's an affordable way to travel.

A working holiday in America for 3 months with food, accomodation and return flights for the same price as a flight? Sounds like a no brainer. Summer camp in America is a great way to explore a new country without having to save up for a long time.

Camp staff earn spending money while they're out there, so can use this during their 30 days travelling after camp. This being said,the experience is worth so much more than the money. It’s impossible to put a price on the lifelong friendships, confidence and general magic summer camp provides.

4. They'll become more culturally aware.

Spending the entire summer in the USA, your child will be exposed to genuine American culture. From philly cheese steaks in Philadelphia, to authentic American BBQs in their camp friend's back yard, your child is guaranteed to get a meaningful cultural exchange experience.

Not only will they develop an understanding of American culture but, as camp staff are hired from across the world, they will learn about an array of different cultures and new perspectives. Their eyes will be opened as they discover similarities that they share with individuals from all over the globe.

Meeting people from different walks of life, forming friendships and broadening an understanding of the wider world is what summer camp is all about.

5. They’ll gain independence.

With many young people feeling pressured into making life decisions before they are ready, it becomes difficult for them to know what action steps need to be taken to achieve their goals. Now more than ever, independence is a desirable skill that will hugely benefit individuals. If your son or daughter develops their own sense of independence they will understand that they are in control of their own future.

Making the decision to leave behind their home comforts for the summer and head to the US by themselves is a significant first step in gaining independence. At camp they will become a role model to the campers. They will be expected to step up and lead, maybe for the first time in their lives. They will be expected to figure out for themselves how to remedy difficult situations. Camp will support and allow them to develop their independence.

By choosing to push their comfort zone in the safe and secure environment of camp, your son or daughter will grow as an individual and return home more aware of the world around them. Summer camp encourages healthy growth, both mentally and physically, so is the ideal place for young adults to figure out who they are.

Not only is camp a great way to develop independence but so is travelling. They will learn the importance of budgeting, develop the skills needed to plan a trip and will uncover how big and exciting the world is. Once they begin to explore, their opportunities are infinite. Watching the sunset at Yosemite or hiking to the grand canyon, these life experiences can’t be lived without them taking their first independent step.

6. They will connect with the real world.

In todays' society we have become dependent on technology. From social media to apps, it has become a normal occurance to walk down the street and see people with their eyes fixed on their phones. Removed from social media and modern pressures, summer camp provides a place where connection comes first. It's all about helping children develop socially and emotionally away from the internet.

Mobile phones are usually stored away during working hours so that staff have their undivided attention on the task at hand. This sets a great example to the campers, showing them that they can have fun without their phones. Learning to disconnect and switch off from their online presence is an impressive skill for your child to develop in this technological age.

Working at a summer camp is an amazing experience.

So there you have it. 6 solid reasons why your son or daughter should work at a summer camp in America. And this is just the beginning.

The skills, memories and friendships that they'll gain during a working holiday in America will last a lifetime. When they return from their incredible summer, you'll notice that they've transformed into a new, more self-assured version of themselves. They'll have more understanding of who they are and what they want to do. Summer camp will help to shape their future.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure they take advantage of this opportunity and sign up with Camp Leaders before it’s too late.

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