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The United Steaks of America

We've got your American summer camp application under wraps (beef, lamb or chicken, it's up to you) but the one thing we love almost as much as summer camp, is eating our way around 50 states of America.

Author: Camp Leaders
28 Feb 13:43

It’s time to get your taste-buds, ribs and rumps ready for a succulent stroll through the iconic land of stars, stripes and steaks in the one country that really does do everything bigger, better and where it's rare not to find a meal well done… especially in Texas, Y’all.

We’ve got your American summer camp application under wraps (beef, lamb or chicken, it’s up to you) but the one thing we love almost as much as summer camp, is eating our way around all 50 states of America. From s’mores to po’boys or a New York-Style pizza, we’ve tried it all but for today we’re drawing all of our attention to the grill, sharing our top selection of burgers, buns, scotch, sirloin and ribs… and most importantly, the very best places to try them during your summer camp travels.

Will you go for the brisket, onions rings, chicken wings, burger or flat iron? So many delicious decisions.

Let us lead the way in sharing our Top 8 steak selections and locations in the USA, kicking it off with;

1. The Big Texan, Amarillo

One of the most remarkable, traditional steakhouse experiences in the heart of Amarillo Texas. We’ve been here, Man vs Food have been here, you need to go here. Feel like taking part in a 72 oz steak eating contest? You’ve come to the right place.

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Photo Credit: Reddit

2. In-N-Out Burger, California

This delicious west coast wonder can do no wrong. A simple menu, which highlights quality over quantity and is without a doubt a life changing moment, with love at first bite.

Make sure you add the Neopolitan ice cream shake into your life, too.

3. Philly Cheesesteak, Philadelphia

When in Philadelphia, make sure you place your number # 1 priority into locating a Philly Cheesesteak. This is a cultural obsession, boasting sauteed rib eye fillet and melted cheese in a long crusty roll. It’s hard to even type this without chewing the air in anticipation on this sensational sandwich.

Our tip: try Geno’s, otherwise there are lots of pop-up locations around the city.

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4. Po-Boy, Preux & Proper Los Angeles

Brand new to the scene in Los Angeles is Preux & Proper, which features a tapas-style selection platter of po-boys. Mince, meat patties, and braised beef on a whole new level of modern dining.

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5. The Brisket House, BBQ Ribs, Houston

Y’all it’s time to put on your cowboy boots and scoot on in to The Brisket House for a truly authentic Texas experience.

Our top tips; Honey BBQ brisket with a side of beef teriyaki ribs. Don’t worry, they give you a nice big bib and may carry you to your car after your meal (no guarantees restaurant will carry you to your car).

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6. Katz Deli, New York

The corned beef reuben. Amen.

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7. The Buckhorn Exchange, Denver

An oldie but a goodie, this restaurant is one of America’s oldest, having opened back in 1893. If you want the real wild west adventure, do yourself a favour by dropping in and trying the traditional t-bone or pot roast. Live country entertainment here too. So good.

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8. Prime, Las Vegas

This place showcases mesmerizing meat. It’s certainly up market, but you’re in Vegas and it’s time to treat yourself. You’ll be dining, overlooking the infamous, sparkling lights of the Vegas strip and Bellagio fountains, but to be honest, we usually just can't take our eyes off the prime rib fillet. Nom a must try in Vegas.

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Photo Credit: Bellagio

It was certainly nice to meat you… until next time fellow Camp Leaders!

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