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Hockey Instructor Jobs

Are you?

Athletic, confident, energetic, focused

Bonus Qualifications

If you're looking for hockey jobs abroad, you've come to the right place. No qualifications are needed to coach hockey at camp - but if you know the rules, or have some experience in a similar sport, that's a bonus. You could also take a hockey coaching course before the summer to top up your application.

Why should I teach hockey at camp?

Activity Leader positions are some of the most in-demand roles at camp. Coaching hockey at camp is a great way to stay active - and an even better way to tire the kids out.

Hockey is a popular American sport, so there are lots of hockey jobs available at camp. Ice hockey coaching jobs are rare - at most camps, you'll be coaching ball hockey, with or without roller skates.

What does a hockey instructor do?

As a hockey coach at camp, you'll teach hour-long sessions about 4-5 times a day for 8-10 weeks from June to August. You'll teach your campers the basics about hockey - and it's up to you if you want to run some hockey coaching drills or just play shinny. You'll be able to improve your own hockey skills, and help your campers improve theirs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to for hockey jobs at summer camp?

Simple - start an application with Camp Leaders, and fill out hockey as one of your top skills. Add as much detail as possible about what you'll bring to your hockey coaching job - whether that's skills and experience or just passion. Camp Directors will then be able to assess if you’re a good fit, and invite you to their camp.

How many children will I be coaching in one session?

Campers will come down to the hockey court in age group divisions of varying skill levels. Groups will be about 10-30 people, but generally somewhere in the middle. As the hockey coach, you'll just need to get the equipment and drills organized, pick the teams, and get playing!

How can I make my hockey coaching application stronger without any qualifications?

Try finding ways to gain experience working with children. If you can find a local hockey team to work or volunteer with, great - but you could also look into hockey coaching courses.

Should I pack any hockey equipment, like hockey sticks or pucks?

Your camp should have all the hockey equipment you need - but if you want to bring a hockey coaching board, feel free. The best way to find out is to ask your Camp Director what you should bring during your interview. They'll let you know if you should bring any equipment, like roller skates, and you can ask them about bringing your lucky stick.

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