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Rocketry Instructor Jobs

Are you?

A lover of science, focused, alert, a good problem solver

Bonus qualifications

Rocketry jobs don't require a degree or any qualifications. If you've got an interest in rocket technology, or are thinking about pursuing a career in rocket science, this is a great way to gain some experience.

Why should I teach rocketry at camp?

Rocketry is one of the more niche activities at camp. If you're interested in science, and want to work with some interesting technology, one of these roles might be a perfect fit for you. You might find a new skill or hobby - or even a new career path.

What does a rocketry instructor do?

Most campers won't have any idea about rocket engineering - so it'll be your job to teach them what you know. You’ll be responsible for helping a group of campers learn about rocket technology by running fun experiments and helping them understand the basic theories behind rocketry science. It will be important to make sure everyone stays safe - and also make sure they have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my rocketry application stronger without any qualifications?

The more experience working with children you can gain before the summer, the better your application. Look to schools and local clubs to volunteer with. It's also a good idea to dive into some research about rocketry so you're ready for camp.

How many children will I be teaching in one session?

Campers come down to sessions in age group divisions. These divisions can vary in skill level, but are usually made up of 10-30 campers. You’ll then be paired with an individual camper or a group, and don’t worry - you’ll be supported by your fellow specialists and counsellors.

Should I pack any equipment?

Camp will be able to provide a limited amount of equipment. If you have anything you feel would be useful, then feel free to bring it along. But you don't need to worry too much about packing equipment.

(Check with camp before you go that there is a safe place to store any equipment you bring as camp will not be liable if anything gets lost, damaged or stolen).

Will I be trained in my speciality?

On arrival at camp, you'll have a week of training in your activity to make sure you give the best experience to campers, whilst at the same time ensuring their safety. Don’t worry if you don’t have all or any of the relevant qualifications, all we’re asking for is that you’re willing to get stuck in!

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