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baseball on the ground
Get up to bat this summer.

Baseball Jobs At Camp

Are you?

Focused, athletic, alert, patient, energetic

Bonus Qualifications

Baseball jobs at camp don't require any qualifications - if you know the basics, or have played a similar sport such as cricket or rounders, you'll be all set for this role. Some camps also have assistant baseball coach jobs available, so you'll have a camp manager to rely on.

Why should I teach baseball at camp?

Baseball is America's favourite pastime - so why not teach the game to the sluggers of tomorrow at summer camp from June to August? It's one of the best holiday camp jobs out there. You'll spend every day in the warm sun - and be able to show off your home run trot, all summer long. You can help kids who have a genuine passion for the sport, improve their skills and help develop the passion they have. What could be better?

If you have a positive attitude, and the confidence to teach the kids at camp too, then pick up the bat and swing in your application. Even if you're not the most experienced baseball player, there are still assistant baseball coach jobs available at camp!

What does a baseball instructor do?

Whatever camp you're at, you'll be playing and coaching kids who want to have fun and improve their skills - you’ll be teaching different groups 5-6 times a day.

You may work with a variety of kids, depending on what type of camp you go to. Specialist sports camp jobs will see you working with kids who are more advanced, and probably play on a team outside of camp. At other camps, you'll have campers who are typically less advanced. To nail down one of these roles, make sure to add your preferences and skills to your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for baseball jobs at summer camp?

When starting your application you’ll be asked to select your top skills. Choose baseball. Go into detail about what you’re going to bring to the role, your skill level and if you’re already qualified. A camp director will then be able to assess if you’re a good fit and invite you to their camp.

How can I make my application stronger without any qualifications?

There are lots of baseball camp manager jobs available, but it's worth building up your CV beforehand to nail down your dream job. The more experience working with children you can gain before the summer, the better your application. Look to schools and local baseball teams to volunteer with and build up your own skills for on and off the page.

How many children will I be coaching in one session?

Campers come down to sessions in age group divisions. These divisions can vary in skill level, but are usually made up of 10-30 campers. You’ll then be paired with an individual camper or a group, and don’t worry - you’ll be supported by your fellow specialists and counsellors.

Should I pack any baseball equipment, like bats or balls?

Camp will provide you with most of the equipment, but you can feel free to bring your own. If you're working a summer baseball camp job, it just makes sense to bring your lucky baseball bat or glove!

Don't miss out on great baseball jobs at camp.