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Teach the next generation.

Summer teaching jobs at camp

Camp is the perfect place to gain hands-on teaching experience.

A job at summer camp is a great way to build your teaching CV and boost employability. The skills you'll develop will help you to become a standout teacher, and give you a leg up on your future career.

Join 1000s of people who have used Camp Leaders to boost their CV.

Because of camp, I am now a qualified primary school teacher.

From lesson planning, to time management, leading dance sessions to dealing with difficult situations; camp allowed me to develop invaluable skills that I use every day as a teacher.

I am now heading to Dubai to become a teacher in an International school and couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity that camp gave me.

Katie Keyes
Camp Alleghany for Girls

How will camp help me to become a teacher?

  • You'll gain practical, hands-on experience working directly with children.
  • You'll receive specified training for your job role that will correlate to teaching children.
  • You'll learn activities and techniques that can be applied to a classroom setting.
  • You'll develop invaluable & tangible skills that you can add directly to your CV.

Camp roles that will develop your teaching skills:

Camp counselor

This role allows you to look after the same group of children all day, allowing you to form a close-knit bond with each of them. You will gain unique experience looking after a specific age group, gaining skills that will be transferable to the classroom.

Find out more about becoming a camp counselor
Activity specialist

Becoming an activity specialist at camp will develop your ability to lesson plan as you plan and lead your specific activity.

Find out more about our activity specialist roles
Special needs counselor

Special needs counsellors partake in specific training that will stand you in good stead to become a SEN teacher. Working with children who have specific needs throughout the summer is great practice for becoming a teacher.

Find out more about becoming a special needs counselor

The ultimate summer teaching work experience.

Develop your teaching skills at camp.