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yogi doing a yoga pose on the beach
Mind, body, and soul.

Yoga Instructor Jobs

Are you?

Flexible, calm, centred, mindful, balanced

Bonus Qualifications

Yoga teaching jobs at camp do not require a certification. If you practice yoga anyway, and want to teach kids the basics, you'll be all set to lock down a yoga instructor role at camp.

Why should I teach yoga at camp?

Mindfulness is an ever more important part of life - so a summer yoga job at camp is a great way to go abroad and be able to keep practicing yoga. Camp is full of positive energy - but it can be a little bit non-stop. In your yoga and pilates instructor job at camp, you'll be able to take a breath in the midst of everything happening around you.

If you can teach people about the rejuvenating yoga poses you know, and instruct them in how to do them safely, this is the role for you.

What does a yoga instructor job entail?

You’ll be teaching yoga 5-6 times a day from June to August to different groups of kids, introducing them to the peaceful world that yoga is. Not many people taking the class will have experience teaching it so you’ll be focusing on building their flexibility and teaching them fun poses. You’ll also hopefully give them some mindfulness takeaways that they can practice at home to keep the healthy lifestyle present throughout the year.

It’s a great chance for you to build on your own yoga skills as well as develop a better connection to yourself through yoga. At the end of camp, you and the campers will hopefully be feeling super chill and ready to take on anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to bring any yoga mats with me?

Camp will be able to provide a limited amount of equipment. If you have a favourite yoga mat or any tools you think could help your lessons, then feel free to bring it along for good luck. But you don't need to worry too much about packing equipment.

(Check with camp before you go that there is a safe place to store any equipment you bring as camp will not be liable if anything gets lost, damaged or stolen).

How many children will I be coaching in one session?

Campers will come down to the session as a division (age group). Divisions can range from 10-30 campers. You’ll have the assistance of counselors but it will be up to you to instruct a small group.

How can I make my yoga application stand out?

The more experience working with children you can gain before the summer, the better your application. Look to schools and local yoga clubs to volunteer with and build up your own skills for on and off the page.

Will I get any days off working as a camp activity specialist?

Of course! Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries after an exciting but hectic week at camp. You'll have days off, as well as the opportunity to explore the local area and further afield. Most camps will give you a 24 hour block of free time every week, whilst some others provide 2-4 days off in a row every few weeks.

Don't miss out on your ultimate yoga job this summer.