Summer Camp Activity Specialist Jobs

Activity Specialist Roles

If you have a talent and feel confident with teaching or coaching your favourite activity - then the Summer Activity Specialist role is for you.

What is an Activity Specialist? Being a Summer Camp Activity Specialist is one of the best ways to teach what you love abroad. Calling upon your knowledge and skill in an activity - you’ll be responsible for delivering engaging and confident instruction to campers all ages and abilities. You may be living in a bunk with campers or with your fellow instructors in a nearby cabin.

Activities are what makes camp such a unique and vibrant environment - providing the opportunity to try new things, improve on skills and create a daily sense of accomplishment for the kids at camp. A great activity specialist will have strong expertise in their field, will be forward-thinking and adaptive in their lessons and shall bring the energy to excite and motivate the campers.

Being an Activity Specialist is an epic way to spend your summer.

What to Expect As An Activity Specialist

Spending a lot of time with campers. That’s right, you’ll be waking up early and heading to bed late, surrounded by energetic and excitable children - it’s the hardest job you’ll evWondering

Wondering if that's your thing? You may be more interested in one of our general Camp Counselor positions: just as much fun, still great on your CV but no experience with children required.

Top Tip

Gain as much experience working with children as possible. The more experience you have, the stronger your camp counselor application will be.

You’ll Love

The opportunity to teach and get involved in a huge variety of summer camp activities. You’ll get the chance to try things you’ve never experienced, all while getting paid to do it.


Summer camp in America is one of the most accessible ways to work and travel abroad. However, there are some criteria which you need to meet in order to fulfil the Activity Specialist role. To be an activity specialist at camp in America you must;

  • Be over 18 years by the time you attend camp

  • Have a clean criminal background

  • Be available during the American summer, early May to September

  • Have experience teaching children in 'high demand' activities or have relevant qualifications

Advantages of working as an Activity Specialist

  • The best summer of your life: It really is that simple. This is the chance to have an experience that you’ll never get anywhere else. Your adventure will stay with you for the rest of your life. You’ll never forget your legendary summer in America.

  • CV Enhancement: Make yourself stand out. By working at camp, you’ll gain over 800 hours of coaching experience in an international setting. Recognised by Employers, get yourself noticed and have fun doing it.

  • Mates from around the world: We send participants from 16 countries around the world, offering you the chance to make incredible friendships with people from far flung places like Canada, the Czech Republic and Venezuela. We’ve no doubt you’ll develop a passion for travel if you haven’t already and having a couch or two to sleep on during your next round the world trip really comes in handy.

Although you’ll be specialising in one particular skill, the role of an activity specialist is very diverse. There is a huge amount of crossover between specialists and general counselors, once you have finished your lessons you may even convert to being a counselor for a group of campers, giving you the best of both worlds. Every day is jam-packed and you're never going to be short of things to do.

Not your average day job

From setting up your activity in the morning and running your sessions, to helping out the general counselors and being an all round hero. Being a specialist at summer camp is all about going the extra mile.

As an activity specialist at camp in America it’ll be up to you to decide what you want to achieve with the campers - to work on the understanding of techniques and skills of a sport, on the water on in the arts studio. You should be equipped to teach at any level, prepared to demonstrate and work through fun progressional games.

The perfect Specialist needs to know their sport or activity inside and out. They’ve got to be of an advanced level and know everything they need to know about it. If you have a teaching qualification, or lots of experience teaching - camps will want to talk to you.  

Being positive in your coaching style no matter how tired you are is vital - campers will look to you as a role model and will be tired themselves, so you need to be on your A-game.

Not only is camp incredibly fun and full of adventure it also provides a safe environment to help social growth and young people’s personal development, campers from 7-16 all come to experience a world away from home.

They grow as people, gain independence, have the confidence to combat their fears all at camp, all with you there to guide them.

Staff Training

Caring for someone else’s children can seem a little daunting but have no fear.

Alongside our Preparation day - you’ll spend your first week of camp getting trained on all other aspects of your specialist job role. This is often called orientation and will cover things like child protection, crisis management and team-building exercises, offering you the opportunity to make strong connections with your co- activity leaders before the campers arrive.

Orientation week will also give you a chance to get used to your area of responsibility, whether that’s setting up poolside, organising the sports equipment or safety checking the ropes course.

This is your time to get prepped for your summer adventure ahead.

Time Off

Summer camp is enormously fun but certainly one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever love.

Camps understand how hard you are working and will ensure you have time off to relax recover and enjoy.

Depending on the camp it may be once a week or each evening - or even the whole weekend if you are at a day camp. Every camp is different but the philosophies shall remain the same - work hard and play hard. As an instructor your priority shall be the campers, they always come first. Making sure each camper has an epic summer is no small task - it takes effort and can be draining but rest assured, knowing the campers are having the summer of their lives makes the job worth doing.

There is no other summer role which will offer this level of job satisfaction.

As part of the camp program you also have up to 30 days to explore the best of America after camp.

Soak in the sights, sunshine and experience the real USA firsthand.

Whether you fancy a DIY adventure or one of our many discounted group road trips, the USA is all yours for the taking, from San Fran to NYC and everywhere in between.

Why should I be an Activity Specialist?

  • Activity specialist positions are for anyone who wants to spend a season teaching their favourite hobby every single day.

  • Working at a summer camp is extraordinary and being able to gain coaching hours whilst having the opportunity to experience a tradition of American culture is on another level.

  • You will also receive a slightly higher salary than a general counselor.

  • Becoming an activity specialist at camp in America allows you to develop your coaching skills, you walk away from the summer as a leader, a motivator and a role model. Why not have the best job ever.

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