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Exercise those coaching skills.

Sports coaching

Sports coaching jobs at camp are for those who love their skill area, who want to educate and inspire youngsters and try their hand coaching sport in America.

Sports coaching abroad is a great way to spend your summer.

We’ve stuck to a few of the top picks here but no matter your sporting interest, take your sports skills to camp this summer and work as a sports coach in America.

Find out more about our sports coaching jobs in America...


Spend your summer playing on the courts.

Basketball is one of the most popular activities at camp. Play games and improve skills, and have fun, that's all in a day's work for one of our basketball instructors.

Find out how to become a basketball coach at camp


The tennis courts are one of the busiest places at summer camp.

Everyone loves to head down to improve their skills, play games and play in mini tournaments. Hit a new match point and join our tennis team this summer.

Find out how to become a tennis coach at camp

Horse Riding

Campers can’t wait to go horse-riding at camp. From grooming to going out on hacks and trails, horse riding at summer camp is exciting and fun for everyone.

If you love horses, then you’re going to love the stables at camp.

Find out how to become a horse riding instructor at camp


Play the beautiful game in a new location.

But get used to calling it ‘soccer’. Football is great one to teach at summer camp. If would like to spend your summer on the pitch, then why not specialise in soccer this summer.

Find out how to become a football coach at camp


Gymnastics at camp is for all ages and abilities. Campers love to try out their new found skills on the gymnastic equipment and floor.

Coach gymnastics in America this summer and help campers achieve new heights.

Find out how to become a gymnastics coach at camp


With golf course and driving ranges, golf at camp is definitely the place to be. Spend your summer outside teaching campers how to play and improve their skills.

If you’re looking for an ace way to spend the summer this will suit you down to a tee.

Find out how to become a golf instructor at camp


Get active this summer and have fun doing it too.

Teaching campers how to look after their bodies and minds is recognised in the form of our fitness instructors. If you’re a personal trainer looking for something new, this is a great way to spend a season.

Find out how to become a fitness coach at camp
Spend your summer as a sports coach in America