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Meet our summer camp experts.

The South American Team

Each of us have been to summer camp so we can vouch, first hand, how awesome a summer you're going to have.

We believe summer camp can change your life... well, it did for all of us. And we will go the extra mile to make your journey as easy, fun and smooth as possible.

We're here to make your summer of a lifetime.

Lina Villamil
Camp Weequahic

The one and only. Most beautiful, most inspiring person in the world, she never cries but has a heart of glass. La Jefesita!!

Lina has been in the camp Industry since 2001, her vast experience will let her guide you through this process even through the bad days at camp, we all get some of those and she will answer all your questions since is the one that knows all the answers related to the camp life.

Claudia Villamil
Camp Robin Hood

The kindest of our team, bring us balance with her spirit. Loyalty her banner, and amazing as a partner. Of our candy she is the sweet, she is the little sis.

Claudia has been in the industry for almost a decade, she will walk you through the process and at the end she will make sure all your flights and insurance are right and ready before you go to camp.

Luis Mota
Camp Weequahic

He will always shine with a lovely smile. He has a brilliant mind, and is a charismatic man. He will make you believe that all is fine, there's no challenge, there's no problem, he is our calm finder. Luis, the Zen Master.

Luis is our land conquer, he look after all our participants in the Rest of South America, based in Buenos Aires and an expert going back to camp, after 12 years at camp he can say how this experience can become the greatest part of your life.

Daniela Montenegro
Catalina Island Camp

Our greatest achiever, the one that always goes further and a mile ahead.The one that has joined the team as a sweet cherry crowns an ice cream, not that cold, not so hot but for sure will melt your heart.

Dani is the key in your process, she will conduct your formal interview and will go through your profile, making sure looks nice and is what camp directors expect to know about you.

Our Values

All across the world we’re connected, inspired and motivated by our strong values.

Our purpose is to inspire people to go further, and our international offices are filled with staff who do just that.

Proud to be part of Smaller Earth

At Smaller Earth, we are the work and travel experts. We inspire people to go further.

From our 15 international offices, we send thousands of young people on work and travel programs, all around the world.

Camp Leaders is just one of the awesome opportunities that Smaller Earth has to offer around the world.

Connecting people with the world through unforgettable experiences.