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The Team

Nearly everyone of the Camp Leaders Team has been to summer camp so we can vouch, first hand, how awesome a summer you're going to have.

We believe summer camp can change your life... well, it did for us. And we will go the extra mile to make your journey as easy, fun and smooth as possible.

We're here to make your summer of a lifetime.

Pascal Bringezu
Cedric Damhuis
Mo Ranch, YMCA Flaming Arrow, La Junta (Texas)
Nina Lausberg
Laura Stephan
Camp Kippewa (Maine)
Jennifer Plöger
Ailyn Ewerszumrode
Marie Heide
Matthias Maier
Our Values

All across the world we’re connected, inspired and motivated by our strong values.

Our purpose is to inspire people to go further, and our international offices are filled with staff who do just that.

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Proud to be part of Smaller Earth

At Smaller Earth, we are the work and travel experts. We want to inspire people to go further.

From our 15 international offices, we send thousands of young people on work and travel programs, all around the world.

Camp Leaders is just one of the awesome opportunities that Smaller Earth has to offer around the world.

"A team that's dedicated to connecting young people with the rest of the world through unforgettable experiences."