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Why Going to the Camp Leader's Job Fair Is the Best Decision You'll Ever Make | Infographic

Check out our infographic to learn even more about us and why going to a job fair is the best decision you'll ever make.

Author: Camp Leaders
14 Dec 11:13

The job fairs are the biggest event in the summer camp calendar, so thought we’d give you the rundown when it comes to all things facts and stats for Camp Leaders.

Check out our infographic to learn more about us and why going to a job fair is the best decision you’ll ever make.

The job fairs explained

Since 2012, we’ve sent a massive 40,000+ people to summer camp.

Last year alone, we sent over 7000 people to summer camp and the fairs really kick off the season. Securing your placement in January is a great feeling. Not only will you have your summer sorted but getting placed early on gives you more time to relax, to plan your packing and your post camp travels.

We host a massive 50+ fairs worldwide every year. That’s a lot of opportunities to get hired on the spot.

In each of our downloadable guides you’ll find tips and hints for the day and a complete list of camps.

We’ll have 136 directors touring with us over the course of the fairs.

The camps have been colour coded based on what they are hiring for, so you’ll be able to use the guides to do your research and know who you’re going to speak to on the day.

We will also have them with us on the day, to keep you on the right track.

“Do your research before the fairs, who is going, look at their website, make a game plan. I had a list of camps I was speaking to in order of who I was going to first.” - Abbie Morgan - Placed at Camp Chi 2015

The fairs are worth the travel

On average, Camp Directors will fly a massive 10,595 miles to meet you in person on the day.

We’d recommend booking your travel in advance to make sure you get the best deals on the day - especially if you’re, like our Directors, travelling far too.

Going to a Camp Leader’s job fair is the best decision you’ll ever make.

Summer may seem far away, but it will be here before you know it!

The job fairs give you more control over where you’ll be this summer. You can pick your ideal camp and speak with them in person.

We’re going to have every type of camp at the fair. From the traditional camps to YMCA camps, Christian camps, Girl Scout camps, Jewish camps, inspiring special needs camps… just to name a few. There’s a role for everyone and this is the event to find out yours, in person, on the day.

We also send people to every single state in the US, inc Alaska and Hawaii. So have fun and speak to camps from all around the US.

This is your chance to get hired on the spot.

So make sure you’ve got it booked in the diary, that you’ve added it to your events page on your profile and we’ll see you there.

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