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Private camps

Picture a traditional summer camp in America - from wooden cabins to watersports, food fights and sneak out nights - this is your private camp.

A private or traditional summer camp means a privately-owned. The majority of these camps will been running for many generations which means they are likely to have long lasting traditions and values within their community.

Private camps epitomize the traditional summer camp experience.

Facilities and accommodation

At private summer camps, you will commonly live in a cabin with campers whose parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents attended the same camp.

The traditions held at camp are one of the most valuable, inspiring and important features of the summer.

Many camps will have very modern and advanced facilities. The range of activities at these camps will be vast; waterfront activities, arts, performance, horse-riding and super special events such as Olympics and Color War!

The campers

Often, private camps are split by gender, so all-boys or all-girls. The beauty of this is that the campers don't feel pressure to look or act a certain way. Some camps may also be co-ed, so you can gain experience teaching both boys and girls.

The majority of the campers that attend these camps tend to come from more affluent areas so camp is like an escape for them. They get to have shaving foam parties, spend time away from their beloved smart phones and generally just act like kids.

Applying to a private camp

As part of your application, you’ll be able to specify what type of camp you’re interested in working in and we will then look to match you with what matters to you.

As the majority of camps are private camps, we’ll automatically send your application to all of the fantastic camps we work with.

Placement opportunities

We work with over 500 hundred of the best camps in America, giving you some of the highest placement chances in the industry.

Private summer camps in America use a number of UK-based agencies to recruit staff and we have been one of the key providers for nearly 20 years, giving you the security of finding that summer camp in America job.

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