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Have an active summer

Weight loss camps

Some camps are specifically set up for weight loss and getting fit.

The setting of the weight loss summer camps is very similar to typical camps - campfires, lakes and activity centres, but the programme predominantly focuses on keeping the children active and healthy.

The underlying values of many camps are about healthy living and self-appreciation. You'll find lots of sessions on nutrition and lifestyle here.

Facilities and accommodation

Fitness summer camps in America will typically be well equipped with facilities to carry out active programs with a lot sports and outdoors facilities.

Like most camps, you’ll likely stay in the cabin with your campers, often with a semi-private staffing area.

The campers

The campers will come from a variety of social backgrounds but will have weight issues in common.

Working as a sports & fitness coach or personal trainer, you may even get the chance to work on adult programs during your summer.

Applying for a weight loss camp

As part of your application, you’ll be able to specify what kind of camp you’re interested in and we will then look to match you with your perfect summer camp.

Weight loss camps are quite specific so if you have the right skills and experiences for that environment, we’ll send your application to the weight loss camps we work with.

Placement opportunities

We work with over 500 hundred of the best camps in America, giving you some of the highest placement chances in the industry.

Weight loss camps in America use a number of UK-based agencies to recruit staff and we have been one of the key providers for nearly 20 years, giving you the security of finding that summer camp in America job.

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