5 Awesome Tips for Your First Time Travelling Solo


If you’re heading out to camp this summer and it’s your first time travelling solo – you’re not alone!

Loads of our counselors are experiencing their first big trip abroad by themselves, and many continue to travel on after their time at camp is over. If you’re thinking of exploring some more of the States post-camp, here are five tips that’ll help you on your way!


1. Write your travel schedule and information down in one place


Having all your travel info on the cloud is super handy, especially if you’re the type of person who is prone to losing things. But if you’re a bit nervous about your first steps travelling alone, writing down your itinerary can really help – how you’re getting from A to B, transfers, hotel information, pick up information…etc.

Having the first couple of days planned out makes it easy to just go!


2. Join a group tour


Travelling solo doesn’t HAVE to mean ‘travelling by yourself’. A group tour is the perfect bridge between doing it all independently and still keeping that solo spirit. Which is where TrekAmerica’s small group adventure tours come in!


Find out why TrekAmerica is perfect for first time solo travellers…


3. Call home

– but not too much!


Chances are you’ll have gotten used to being away during your time at camp, but if you do get the blues, a call home to family or friends for a chat can be a great connection to life back home.

Just don’t do it TOO often – you don’t want to miss too much on your all-American road trip!



4. Pack light & pack what you need


Do you REALLY need two travel hair dryers, three pairs of ‘going out’ shoes and a miniature version of the actual kitchen sink? We don’t think so. Especially when you’ve got your time at camp to factor in too, you’ll have to get your shoestring packing down to a tee!


Remember, if you forget anything small, you’ll be able to buy it easily on your travels, so it’s really not the end of the world. Even if you forget to pack underwear, like one TrekAmerica staff member who’ll remain nameless…


5. Push past your comfort zone


Part of the beauty of travelling solo for the first time is that you’ll have opportunities to do things you never would at home. So say yes to that helicopter flight, challenging hike or night out with new friends and take a whole bunch of new memories home with your newly well-travelled attitude!



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