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Do what you love this summer.

Activity Leader jobs in America.

If you're interested in teaching lots of different kids about one specific activity, you've got Activity Leader written all over you.

Qualifications aren't required for most roles. If you're not a professional, no worries - you'll likely still be able to teach your activity at camp! Your days will be full of teaching beginners about an activity you love. To find out more, start an application and ask one of our friendly Camp Leaders team members during your welcome call.

You've got what it takes.

As an Activity Leader, you'll teach lots of different campers about an activity you're interested in.

Most days you’ll teach 5 sessions about an hour long, and you'll meet everyone at camp as they come through your activity. The list of activities at camp is endless - so there's sure to be something for you.

Learn more about activities at camp

From sailing to soccer, you can teach everything at camp.

Take the Lead in your activity.

Whatever activity you choose, you'll be able to settle in and get comfortable over the summer.

Your camp will provide training before you arrive, and you'll have help from the counselor in charge of each group of campers. Your day-to-day routine will have you feeling like a full-blown expert by the time summer is over.

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Ready to become a Leader?

Develop your skills.

If you're passionate about an activity, but not sure you've got the skills, that's okay - apply anyways!

The best way to improve at something is to teach someone else. Being a Leader is all about self-development - so if you're willing to put yourself out there and go for it, you might still be able to nail down a great summer job! Just let us know what camp activity you're interested in, and we'll help you find a job you love.

How to apply for an Activity Leader role:

Applying for an Activity Leader role is easy:

1. Start an application or Log in.

2. Fill in your basic information.

3. Fill in the skills section of your application with the relevant details.

Why you should be an Activity Leader this summer:

Being a Swimming Activity Leader at summer camp is one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had, and it helped me grow into who I am today.

It was really rewarding to see young campers accomplish something that challenged them at first. It gave me an entirely new perspective, and helped me realize that I could achieve things that challenged me too. In 2019, I accomplished something I never thought I could do - I biked from London to Paris for charity. Teaching campers how to take baby steps and learn new skills helped me do the same thing towards my own goals, and I'm so happy I had that experience.

Oliver Chapman
Swimming Activity Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get time off as an Activity Leader?

Yes! A role as an Activity Leader is a bit more laid-back than a general counselor role. The campers will come to your station, so you won't be responsible for taking the campers through their day. You'll have some time to yourself between each session before another group arrives, and you can join in on other activities if you've got a free hour between groups.

You'll also have days off depending on the schedule at your camp. You'll find out more about your camp's schedule when your application reaches the "Ready to Hire" stage and you have your interview with your Camp Director. Be sure to make the most of your 30 days of after camp travel as well!

Will I be trained for the Activity Leader job?

Absolutely. Depending on which activity you're leading, you'll likely already have at least a basic knowledge of your activity - but camps will provide at least a week of training for your role. Certain positions, such as lifeguards, require more intensive training as well.

We also prepare you before you leave, with in-person or online preparation days, as well as an orientation upon arrival in the USA. To find out more about how we prepare you for the USA, just book in a welcome call when you apply and ask one of our team members.

What if I'm not qualified or skilled enough?

Short answer - don't worry! It's a good thing you read the fine print, because you've just stumbled upon one of the greatest summer camp application hacks. Ready? Here it is - if you apply for an Activity Leader role, you give yourself the highest possible chance to nail down your ultimate summer job.

Here's why - statistically, there are more Activity Leader jobs available, and fewer people applying for them. This means there are plenty of opportunities for people like you to scoop up some of the best roles at summer camp! If you're passionate about an activity, it's likely you can teach it at camp, even if you're not quite qualified. Even if you don't get an Activity Leader role, you'll still be eligible for a general counselor role - so it doesn't hurt to apply (in fact, it can only help you). If you're not sure which role to apply for, that's okay! You can fill out up to 10 different skills in your application.

So what are the requirements?

No matter which job role you're interested in, you'll need to meet the Camp Leaders basic eligibility requirements.

Because there are so many activities at camp, it's hard to say what your specific requirements will be. Depending on which activity you're interested in, you may or may not need extra requirements - feel free to start an application to find out more.

You've got what it takes to be a Leader.