Returning to summer camp doesn’t just mean another epic year of, in our opinion, the best USA summer job out there. You also pay less, can earn more, all while getting the same kick ass support from our dedicated team

Returning Camp Counselor

Negotiate your salary with your camp $$$

Accommodation & Meals

90 day medical insurance policy 

J1 VISA support and guidance

$35 USD US Government SEVIS Fee

24-hour emergency/support in America

No need to have gone with us before! 

Apply now, pay later
Return flights to the USA, cost varies
Medical Check
Varies, depending on medical doctor costs
Visa Application Fee
$160 USD


Q. What should I expect returning to summer camp?

Lower fees and higher wages. That's right, you pay less in program fees for your summer travel job and because your camp won't be paying an agency fee, you can negotiate your salary directly with your summer camp in America!

Q. How do I get a higher wage as a returner?

Your camp will pay the $35 SEVIS fee directly to Camp Leaders. They will pay nothing placement/administration fee to Camp Leaders which means you should be paid the same as any American staff member. Boom.

Q. Am I Eligible to go with Camp Leaders if I used a different agency before?

Anyone who has been a camp counselor before is eligible - whether you went to camp with another agency, you can still return with us at Camp Leaders and get the best deal for you.



Q. How difficult is the returner application?

We know how much you sacrifice to head back each year and work in America. We’ve made it our priority to help make the process as simple and easy as possible. As you already have your job we need less information from you - it's super quick, easy and hassle free.

Q. Do I have to do all the paperwork for my Visa?

We have you covered and will provide all the paperwork required. Returners must still attend an appointment at the US Embassy, but we'll be holding group appointments to make this nice & easy for ya'll!

Q. How do I return to Camp in America?

Login to your Camp Leaders account. Contact your camp, agree a position for your summer job, negotiate your salary directly with them and ask them for a contract. Easy as that.

Returning to camp but new to Camp Leaders?
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