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A 5 step guide to choosing the right tee for #CampTshirtDay

It's a tough decision to decide what t-shirt to wear on #CampThsirtDay

Author: Camp Leaders
25 Oct 14:30

So it’s that time of year again when we all congregate on social media to show off our camp tee’s. It’s an organised day in which past summer camp lovers rejoice together and shout about our summer’s.

Selfies from summers past, simply do not do for this occasion. It is not a throwback post. It’s a time where we can shower without shoes, tame the camp hair and throw on some foundation which covers the pale British skin (the only downside) and have an actual selfie to love.

The only difficulty about this whole day, which will give you so much stress your mum will make you a cuppa and will give you breathing exercises to do, is the choosing of the t-shirt. Over the summer you’ll end up with t-shirts for every occasion and will be stuck on which one to show off, and of course, #CampTshirtDay is about maximising those likes.

So here’s a 5 step guide to choosing the right tee.

Step 1

Lay all your Tee’s out.

*Make sure there’s a mirror available which is easily accessible.

Step 2

Rule out the ones missing sleeves and necklines.

Step 3

Sift through what’s left, has the tie-dye gone wrong?*

Have you customised them with beads?

Maybe that day you helped the art centre has left a clear mark?

Or that day when you went to the campfire and haven’t been able to wash out the campfire smell. (But then again, why would you want to.)

Anyways put them a side, they can now only be worn at camp or for camp reunions.

*Which is a lie, tiedye never goes wrong.

Step 4

Try on all the t-shirts, you’ll get a feel for your favourite one here.

Then walk around the house looking for the best lighting and take selfies in each t-shirt.

Step 5

Decided this job is too difficult? Can't choose one? Wear all your t-shirts at once, climb into bed and skype your fav American buddy.

But in all seriousness make sure to tag us in your pictures, we want to see your camp tee’s too. Search 'Camp Leaders' on Instagram and Facebook.

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