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Our Top Hints and Tips for the Perfect Application

Writing your application can seem a bit daunting - but we've made a step by step guide so you can simply walk straight through.

Author: Camp Leaders
26 Oct 11:04

Writing your application can seem a bit intimidating - but we've made a step by step guide so you can simply walk, skip and jump straight through.

Based on the top tips from our top dogs in the office we’ll start from the beginning and work through the bits you need to know.

Use the guide to create the perfect application and get your perfect role. Easy.

First - The quick bits.

Your application is all about getting to know you.

Get those basics locked in - fill in as much as possible, it might not seem too relevant right now but it will save you needing to pop back later on.

Our tip - be honest. Even if you feel it may affect your application. We need to know all the nitty gritty. For example - many medical conditions won’t even have an effect but we need to know for insurance and to give you the right support. If there is anything, please do let us know.

Availability dates - How early can you start?

Really think about what's the earliest date that you can start at camp. The earlier the better. Even a day can make all the difference for you and your camp placement opportunities.

Selecting your Leading skills & activities

Many people get confused in this section - “I’m applying to be a counselor, why would I need to list my skills”

Every camp will have a different focus and a camp director is going to want to know what you are interested in, what hobbies do you have. List everything that interests you and use it as a platform to sell yourself.

If you are skilled in this activity - this isn’t the place for modesty. Go for it and tell us why you are a superstar.

When finished, think if you can add more detail...

  • Have you given the best description of your experience?
  • What do you enjoy about this activity?
  • Have you taught anyone else this activity?
  • What would be an ideal lesson plan to you?

Tell us about it. You can never write too much in this section… unless you hit the word count.

Tip - Use lots of numbers - talk about how many years you have participated in this activity, how many hours a day, the ages of the children you’ve coached… numbers pop out at the Directors in an application and it’s a great tool to help you build your description.

Camp Questionnaire

Every camp will be on the lookout for different personalities, skills and talents so just focus on you and the rest shall fall into place.

Expand your answers as much as you can. Camps have lots of applications to choose from so you need to convince them why should they choose you ahead of someone else.

  • Have you picked the best 'Top 5' words about yourself?
  • Try to bring as much of your personality into it as you can - camps want to know all about you.

It can all come down to what's written and the detail included.

If you want a little extra advice, then definitely ask one of our friendly team members to have a look over it, and give feedback - we really know what to look out for and are always here to help.

Showcase - Photos, videos and the like...

In many cases, this is likely to be the most valuable asset to your profile and is highly recommended by all of us at Camp Leaders HQ.

We're used to talking to our summer camps each day and for many of them, the showcase video the first pick when viewing your profile.

All you need to do is a say a friendly hello, introduce yourself and tell them why you would be a wonderful addition to their team. A little shy? Get a friend to do a 'recommendation video' perhaps.

Don't worry, you don't need to edit and showcase a video with all the bells and whistles, it just needs to let your personality shine through. Perhaps you can share some footage of you taking part in the activities you've listed on your profile - always a winner.

Certificates & Qualifications

Have you gained any further experience or certifications during the application process?

Whether you've completed a short course, a long course or simply more practice in your leading/skills and activities - Tell us about it. We'll provide recommendations on updating your profile as every little bit helps.

Volunteering is always a great opportunity to develop skills in leadership and working with children. Perhaps joining a new social sports league if you haven't been part of a team for a while.

Friends & Family

We can always rely on our friends and family for advice and support, so don't let that stop with your summer camp application. Get someone who knows you well to take a look at your profile. You might have forgotten to include some great life experiences and achievements which would be ideal to detail in your profile. For example:

  • Been a team captain?
  • Been nominated for any awards?
  • Have you traveled or taken part in student exchange?
  • Taken part in a unique experience that would be great to share with summer camps?

These words of advice and camp in America application tips are based on our many years of experience matching people, just like you, with roles at hundreds of summer camps.

We are here to provide you with as summer camp application advice as possible, so keep an eye out for emails and little notes on your profile. You’re going to smash it superstar.

Camp Leaders
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