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Summer 2025 Program Fees

Ready for an epic summer?

Looking for a reason to chose Camp Leaders?

Let us help you with that...

  1. Our discounts are insane, fees are as shown below, and they will remain like that through the season.
  2. Our fees are listed in Colombian pesos, no exchange rate to worry about.
  3. Before you start the process you will know how much you pay and how much you will earn at camp.
  4. There will be no additional fees for payable courses, additional training or flights deposit.
  5. We will conduct a Welcome Call to confirm if you are suitable for the program before you make any payments.
We start at $1.850.000
Want to save money?

Make a wise decision and apply as early as possible

  • Before September 15th pay $1.850.000
  • Before November 15th pay $2.150.000
  • Before January 15th pay $2.450.000
  • Net Program Fees $2.750.000
Interview Fee

The Interview Fee is not included in the program fees listed above, only $100.000 + IVA to start your journey towards the greatest adventure of your life.

What is included?

  • Support from our Magnificent Staff
  • A Summer Camp Placement
  • Food and Accommodation while being at camp
  • Visa process assistance
  • J1 Visa Sponsorship and SEVIS Fee Receipt
  • Preparation Videos before traveling
  • 24-hour Help Free Line in America
  • Up to 120 days Medical Insurance
  • 30 days grace period for traveling after camp
Earn money while having fun

All our participants will earn a minimum guaranteed amount of US$2000 after taxes for the total length of the contract.

An additional payment of $40 - $50 per day in your contract on top of the pocket money after the minimum contract; 63 days for counselors and 70 days for Support Staff.

Opportunity to earn an additional US$250 if you are a Certified Specialist.

Closing Season March 1st

The sooner you start the process the better!

It is not just about the money, if you start early you will have the chance to:

  • Attend one of the 5 Camp Job Fairs
  • Secure a job offer by Christmas
  • Start you visa process in February

Nothing better than a smooth journey prior an epic summer!!!

Additional Costs

There are some third party fees that are part of the process of going to camp.

  • US VISA INTERVIEW - US$185 to be paid directly to US Embassy
  • US VISA DELIVERY - Optional premium service to received your passport once visa is printed
  • MEDICAL CHECK - If applies, varies based on your health policy
  • INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT - Varies based on your final destination and date of traveling (from US$400 to US$1200)
  • ADDITIONAL INSURANCE - If you stay longer than 90 days you can extend your insurance, only $2.45 per day.

Questions? Chat with us!!!

The journey is the destination