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Sweet summer savings.

Only $1'550.000 until August 1st

With the largest summer camp team in the world and more summers all together at camp than even we can count*, we know what makes an epic summer.

Our discount will give everyone the possibility to enroll in the cheapest option in the camp industry.

We counted. It's 363 summers.*

Up to 35% discount
Up to 35% off.

Paid in full and get an additional discount of $100.000 COP.

With Camp Leaders you can also pay by installments.

Make a first payment of 700.000 and pay the second installment after 30 days.

$1'750.000 until October 1st

25% Off

What is included?.

  • Summer camp placement
  • Food and accommodation
  • Visa assistance and sponsorship
  • 24-hour support in America
  • Up to 90 days medical insurance
  • Up to 30 days travel after camp
  • Pre-camp preparation day
  • Earn from US$1450 to US$1600 (See below for details.
Earn spending money

Aged 18 - 20

  • COUNSELORS earn $1450 for 9 weeks
  • SUPPORT STAFF earn $1600 for 10 weeks

Aged 21+

  • COUNSELORS earn $1550 for 9 weeks
  • SUPPORT STAFF earn $1600 for 10 weeks

Any additional day in your contract will be paid on top of the pocket money.

Opportunity to earn an additional $100 by working at one of our Special Needs summer camps.

$1'950.000 until December 1st

This is the last discount of the year. The sooner you start the process the better! Remember that you can pay in small installments or one lump sum for a special discount.

After December 1st, the price will be

$2.150.000 COP
Additional costs

There are some third party fees that are part of going to camp. These are paid to organisations like your doctor, the US government and background check agencies as part of the J1 Visa requirements.

  • MEDICAL CHECK - Varies based on your health policy
  • US VISA INTERVIEW - $160 (Paid to US Embassy)
  • INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT - Varies based on your final destination and date of traveling (from US$400 to US$1200)

Start your process now.

The journey is the destination.