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10 Inspiring Reasons Which Will Make You Want to Work in the USA Immediately

There are so many reasons to want to go and work in the USA, more reasons the 50 states! But lucky for you we've been able to whittle it down to our top 10.

Author: Camp Leaders
25 Oct 10:47

America, The US, the land of the free, ‘Murica… this amazing country has long fascinated us. Famous for its stars and stripes, TV shows, amazing locations, food and people.

More and more people are choosing to work in America than ever before. But why should you work in the USA? Especially when they’re so many options out there.

We looked at the top answers, responses and reasons and to be honest we’re pretty convinced that America is the way to go, although, with most of our office having worked out there, we were already a little biased to begin with.

But for good reason, well 10 good reasons in fact… this is our list to why America should be top of your yours!

1. The people

Americans are some of the most friendly, up and honest people you will ever meet.

Well howdy.

For anyone who has been to America, you’ll know what we’re on about. The smile, the enthusiasm and the want to get to know you. Americans love to meet people who are from abroad, they can’t get enough of our accent’s and always want to hear more.

When you work in the USA, you’ll have a unique opportunity to get to know the locals first hand. Americans are notoriously hospitaible, no doubt you’ll be invited for dinner with the family and offered a place to stay when travelling.

2. Travel without leaving the country

39% of Americans have a passport according to recent statistics of the State Department (January 2013), and that’s because they don’t really need one.

America is vast and has a bit of everything; beaches, slopes, national parks and iconic cities, there’s nothing that the USA can’t offer. Not only that, their landmarks are among some of the best in the world! The Grand Canyon, Venice Beach and the Rockies to name a few. By choosing to work in the USA, you’ll be picking some of the World’s top travel destinations too.

Roadtrip? Yes please.

3. Convenience

America is pretty efficient and although you might need a car to get around, everything else has been designed to make life more convenient.

With drive-thru restaurants, pharmacies and even banks, your list of errands suddenly becomes a whole heap easier and a lot more novelty.

Time is money and when driving through an ATM you’ll be appreciating your aircon and singing along to the radio whilst thinking back to when you used to have to get out of your car, step into the heat and then queue. Not any more.

Most stores are open on Sundays and some even 24/7. We like convenient.

4. You get to meet people from all over the world

By choosing to work in the USA, you are signing up to meet people from all around the world. According to Wiki Answers that you’ll find 198 of the worlds 254 nationalities in America, which is incredible.

So many people choose to work in the USA because of its opportunities and with English being the most widely used language, it’s easy to make friends. Going to work in a country where you don’t know the language can be a bit scary, so it’s the best of travelling far afield but still having the comfort of language.

5. The weather

Welcome to the sunshine state

If there’s one perk we can’t get enough of, it’s the sunshine. Florida has even been coined the sunshine state. America’s weather in the summer is glorious. Sure, there's the odd thunderstorm and rainy day but for the majority it’s super hot.

The seasonal weather in America fits your expectations, hot in the summer, snowy in the winter, and it's pretty great with both.

6. The locations

America, if there’s one thing it is, it’s iconic. Imagine looking up from your desk and seeing the beach, a lake or the NYC skyline.

When you work in the USA the location’s are part of the package. Whether your desk job is actually a lake at summer camp or if you choose to work at a resort, you’ll never be bored of the scenery. We promise.

7. CV and self growth

When you go to your next job interview you’ll be able to smash it out of the park with your American experience.

Worked abroad, check… gained independence, check… went outside of your comfort zone, check.

Working in another country will make your CV stand out. You’re willing to go and explore, you’ve gained cultural understanding and are happy to be away from home. Employers like to see your willingness to try new things and that you use your initiative.

People return home with deeper skill-sets, experience and understanding. You’ll stand out for being different, having international exposure and will have so much to talk about, so even if you’re not doing it for a career plan - it’s definitely one to add to our list.

8. Culture


America is completely unique. Stars, stripes, eagles and spangles - it’s completely iconic. We can all recognise America from the TV shows and movies but when you work in the USA you’ll come to learn it’s so much more than that.

Living in America is an amazing opportunity to learn from the locals. It definitely isn’t all stereotypes. You’ll find the people extremely genuine, with a huge focus on family.

By going to work in America, you’ll be able to experience things from a very different perspective. You’ll be able to come away from the tourist traps, to spend longer in locations and live like a local, rather than just seeing the America you might on holiday.

9. Food

We know, we can’t believe we left this one until now either.

American food, a cuisine in itself. You could travel the States with a blindfold on and know where you are just from the food. Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia, deep dish pizza in Chicago, doughnuts and a cup of joe in NY, fresh fish tacos in New Mexico.

Five Guys, Cold Stones, Chick-a-fila, Chipotle, In-and-Out. Need we say more.

Food is a huge reason to go work in America. But we’re going to move on quick because we’re getting too hungry.

10. The chance to do something different

This isn’t your average job.

Call us sentimental but the memories you’ll make when working abroad are awesome. You’ll often look back fondly at your time abroad and be grateful that you did something completely different.

It’s exciting to live in a different setting, to meet people and to experience the culture of a new place. You gain an understanding of the bigger picture and often build your own character.

Not everyone can say that they went to work in the USA for a season. But you can. And it was epic.

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