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Go further this summer

Travelling outside the USA

Sometimes the adventure takes you further. There are 2 different times to travel outside of the USA on your J1 cultural exchange visa.

Whilst at camp and after summer camp.

If you're still at summer camp you might be invited to travel on a trip to Canada with your campers, or want to explore on a day off if you're close to the border...

Or when summer camp has finished you might fancy exploring Mexico, then coming back to catch your flight.

Whichever you choose to do learn how your visa works and what to do for each scenario.

Whilst at camp

If you are working at a camp near the Canadian border, you may be required to travel into Canada as part of your job, or you may want to cross the border during your time off. In order for you to re-enter the USA and continue working on your J-1 Visa you must have your DS-2019 form validated for multiple entry. This means that once you are in the USA you must send your DS-2019 to your Program Sponsor to have it signed.

You should contact the Camp Leaders office in the USA to find out where you need to send it. It will be returned to you as quickly as possible.

After summer camp

If you wish to travel outside of the USA after you have finished your camp contract, your J-1 visa will cancel as soon as you leave the US. If you want to return to travel in the USA, or need to return to the USA to catch your flight home, you must return as a tourist. Check if you are from a visa waiver country which qualifies for the ESTA program (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).

If you qualify for ESTA all you have to do is visit https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/ to apply. Please do not use any other website, as there are many out there that will try to charge you extra money. It costs US$14 and lasts two years.

You must apply for your ESTA at least a few days before re-entering the USA. If you do not qualify for ESTA you will not be allowed back into the USA without a new visa, even just to connect to your flight home.

Travel America with Camp Leaders this summer