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Know where the line is

Being fired

"Every camp has different rules, so make sure you know them"

Break the camp rules and you will be fired. We’re not looking to frighten you, but facts are facts.

As with any job you take, there are rules and conditions to which you must follow if you are to remain employed. Getting fired is not a pleasant experience for all involved and so it’s likely to be the last resort.

In most cases, you will be asked to leave the camp grounds immediately – with just enough time to pack your belongings. It is likely that you will not even be given the chance to say your goodbyes. This may seem drastic but your director will want to avoid potential disruption and the upset of the campers.

If you have been dismissed

The first thing you must do, before anything else, is call the Camp Leaders US team to ensure:

  • You understand why you have been fired
  • That you receive your pro-rated pocket money for the time that you have worked
  • You have somewhere to go when you leave camp
  • You organize your flight home

If you do not complete your contract then it is highly likely that you will owe money to Camp Leaders. This is because we, Camp Leaders, have outlaid a great deal of money to get you to camp.

Please refer to your program agreement for further detail.

Stay the whole summer, don't leave before your time