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We inspire people to go further.

Smaller Earth

We are the work and travel experts

From our 15 international offices, we send thousands of young people on work and travel programs, all around the world.

We believe that traveling changes your life. It broadens your horizons, changes your perspective and grows you as a person. Everyone should travel. Travel has the power to be truly meaningful and finding that meaning is why we do what we do.

Our mantra

Working abroad gives the opportunity to experience a place on a deeper level. It challenges your perception, encourages cultural understanding and creates lasting friendships. We’ve learnt first hand that by working in another country, you connect with people, you share values and ultimately become more culturally aware.

Work and travel shows you the world from a whole new perspective and we believe that revealing the bigger picture will make a Smaller Earth.

Our history

It all began with Camp Leaders. Our founder Chris Arnold, saw a window of opportunity in the summer camp industry and, after being inspired by his own all American journey, he wanted to bring this life-changing program to as many people as possible.

2007 brought the launch of Smaller Earth and who we are today came to be. We discovered the power of cultural exchange and the lasting impact which it continues to have. So it only seemed right to expand the opportunities we offered, all around the world, and open the doors for as many people to experience as much as possible.

Our people

For us, it starts with the staff. Smaller Earth’s team of 140 are the driving force. We love travel, we live and breathe it.

Our team is made of top travel experts and adventure aficionados, making us a pretty exciting bunch to be around. We understand the power of travel and have each been inspired in our own lives, making us want to do the same for others.

From a back bedroom in 1999, we’ve come pretty far.