Leaving Camp Early

Call the Camp Leaders USA Office
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We will never judge you and are here to provide support all the way home.


Over the course of the summer, you will be challenged, mostly positively, but there also might be times you feel stressed, tested or tired. We want you to be happy and have the best experience possible.

If you do feel like you need a little more help, use the chain-of-command at your camp for help, speak to more experienced camp staff or contact Camp Leaders US office. If you become ill at camp, we understand that the last place you want to be is far away from home. Look for support from your line manager, camp director, camp nurse and your visa sponsor and they will be able to help you.

Leaving your job at camp

If you do decide to leave camp early, and this should only be after you’ve exhausted every possibility of staying, you must contact the Camp Leaders US office before you leave camp at 1-866-803-7643.

Leaving your job at camp is not as simple as leaving your job back home. Camp Leaders US office will talk you through this process and provide detailed instructions on the next steps. We will never judge you and we’re here to provide support all the way home.

You should note that, in line with the program agreement, there may be financial implications for breaking your agreement and any travel and accommodation after leaving camp will be at your own expense.

You also may not be entitled to the 30-day travel period of your visa; this is at the discretion of your visa sponsor.

Getting Fired

Know your camp rules and follow them. If you break the camp rules, the consequences are that you will be fired.

In most cases, you will be asked to leave the camp program immediately – with just enough time to pack your belongings. It is likely that you will not even be given the chance to say goodbye. This is done this way to avoid a potential disruption and so as not to upset the campers.

If you have been fired from your program, the first thing you must do is call the Camp Leaders US team to ensure:

  • You understand why you have been fired
  • That you receive your pro-rated pocket money for the time that you have worked
  • You have somewhere to go when you leave camp
  • You organize your flight home

If you do not complete your contract then it is highly likely that you will owe money to Camp Leaders. This is because we, Camp Leaders, have outlaid a great deal of money to get you to camp. Camp Leaders covered the majority of your costs to get you to camp and based on your leaving the program early camp is no longer responsible to pay those fees to Camp Leaders. Please refer to your program agreement for further detail.

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