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Leaving Camp Early

Call the Camp Leaders USA Office
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We will never judge you and are here to provide support all the way home.

24/7 Support from Camp Leaders

Over the course of the summer, you will be challenged, mostly positively, but there also might be times you feel stressed, tested or tired. We want you to be happy and have the best experience possible.

If you do feel like you need a little more help, use the chain-of-command at your camp for help, speak to more experienced camp staff or contact Camp Leaders US office. If you become ill at camp, we understand that the last place you want to be is far away from home. Look for support from your line manager, camp director, camp nurse and your visa sponsor and they will be able to help you.

If you feel that you need to end your camp contract, understand that it might be an expensive choice.

Reasons for leaving camp early:

There are two reasons why people may need to leave camp early - willfully leaving their job at camp, or being fired. It's important to understand the potential outcomes of this decision. This section will walk you through what to do and what will happen if this situation occurs.

1. Leaving your job at camp

Over the course of the summer, you may feel stressed or overwhelmed. You may feel the desire to end your contract at camp and return home. Remember that many others are in the same boat - you can lean on your camp staff team, other international counselors, friends, family, or the 24/7 Camp Leaders support line for help. You may be able to overcome the challenge, complete your contract, and spend time exploring America after camp.

If you do decide to leave camp early, and this should only be after you’ve exhausted every possibility of staying, you must contact the Camp Leaders US office before you leave camp at 1-866-803-7643.

2. Getting Fired

Know your camp rules and follow them. If you break the camp rules, the consequences are that you will be fired.

Most camps have contracts that contain language relating to “at will employment”. This means that camp can fire you at any time. Camps may choose to exercise this option when the situation calls for it. Once the decision has been made for you to leave camp, it will be done in a way which is best for the campers and the culture of camp, as well as making this as easy as possible on you. Again, make good choices and decisions while at camp. It is important that the Camp Leaders office speak with both you and the camp when circumstances such as this occur.

If you are fired or leave early, you need to contact the Camp Leaders office immediately.

What happens if you leave early:

Leaving your job at camp is not as simple as leaving your job back home. Whether you've been fired or have chosen to end your contract, leaving camp early may have serious consequences.

Make sure to get in touch with the Camp Leaders US office as soon as possible. We'll talk you through this process, and provide detailed instructions on the next steps. We will never judge you and we’re here to provide support all the way home. You should also hear from your Visa Sponsor.

You should note that, in line with the program agreement, there may be financial implications for breaking your agreement and any travel and accommodation after leaving camp will be at your own expense. You also may not be entitled to the 30-day travel period of your visa; this is at the discretion of your visa sponsor.

Travelling afterward

When a program is ended early, post-camp travel is at the discretion of the Visa Sponsor. In some cases, you may still be allowed to travel up to thirty days from the day your program ended (when you leave camp).

In the past, some camp directors have said that you need to return home immediately if you have been fired. This is not a reality; only your visa sponsor can recommend you go home. This would require you doing something egregious.

If you are travelling after camp, the US Camp Leaders team will be there to support you throughout this time. Our primary concern is your health, safety, and welfare for the entirety of your time in the US.

Financial commitment

The Camp Leaders program agreement contains language as to your responsibility when you leave your camp program early. There is a financial commitment and responsibility to pay the remaining program fees that your camp would pay to Camp Leaders, less the amount of time you were at camp. This can be costly as are flight changes.

The US Camp Leaders office and your visa sponsor are available to assist through all of this.

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