Terminology and Procedures

Understanding the terms below, and how your medical insurance works, will be vital if you need to seek medical help in the United States.

This page will help you understand everything you need to know about your medical insurance.

Understanding Your Insurance

It’s very important to understand how your medical insurance in the United States works. If you need to claim insurance due to an accident or injury while in the USA, this information will be crucial.

You must be insured from the day you depart to the United States until you arrive back home. It is your responsibility to ensure your insurance dates match your travel dates.

There are two types of insurance in the USA - Workers Compensation and Medical Treatment Coverage. The information below applies to most Camp Leaders participants, but not all. Your insurance policy will depend on your visa sponsor and your camp. Please carefully read the paperwork provided by your sponsor for more information.

Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage

While carrying out your assigned duties at camp, you are covered by this special type of insurance. This is a policy provided by your camp program to provide insurance coverage during the scope of your employment.

If you have an injury caused by, or related to, your work at camp, you do not need to worry about deductibles or payments - your camp will take care of it.

If you are unsure if the treatment needed is covered by worker’s compensation or your own insurance, please reach out to our US office.

Medical Treatment Insurance Coverage

Medical treatment in the United States is provided by private companies and is very expensive. The policy you are enrolled on provides coverage for medical expenses up to 250,000 USD or 2,000,000 USD if you have chosen to upgrade your policy.

Note: The insurance that we provide is for illness and work related injuries, on days or nights off, and while you are travelling after camp.


This is the amount you have to pay upfront before you receive non-emergency treatment. This will be $100, or $50 if you have chosen to upgrade your insurance. This is for treatment by a doctor or walk-in clinic. Most camps have nurses and doctors on duty, so before going to see a doctor in town, please check with them as they will be able to assist you with questions. If you have any questions relating to insurance or your co- pay while in the United States, we encourage you to reach out the US office for assistance.

Emergency Room

The emergency room (ER) is where you would go if the care you needed was serious and you are not able to seek treatment at an Urgent Care or a doctor’s office.

When determining where best to go, the ER is essentially the place for treating life-threatening injuries, something you would normally require an ambulance for. You will need to pay a higher co-pay for emergency rooms - $350.00. This co-pay will need to be paid if not a work-related injury/claim. It is extremely important that the US Camp Leaders office is notified immediately if you have to go to the Emergency Room.

Urgent Care

This is like a walk-in clinic, or even a visit to your family doctor. You will need to pay your co-payment. Your camp will know the nearest facility for you to go to. You are also able to search on the eSecutive website to find a doctor or Urgent Care facility in your area.

Direct Billing

This means that the costs of your treatment are billed directly to the insurance company after you have paid your co-payment. This is why it is important that you print out and have your insurance card with you at all times. Insurance coverage is provided by AETNA and their information is on your insurance card. When seeking a treating doctor or urgent care, please make sure to select one that is affiliated with AETNA. This will decrease the amount of payment that you will be responsible for. To find a medical treatment provider, please log in to esecutive system and use the search engine feature to find the nearest facility/doctor that AETNA provides coverage to.

Your Insurance

You must be insured from the day you depart to the United States until you arrive back home.

It is your responsibility to ensure your insurance dates match your travel dates.

Activating Your Insurance

You must activate your insurance before you depart for the USA. To activate your insurance follow Camp Leaders instructions in the insurance section of your Camp Leaders profile.

  • All the details on your insurance policy, coverage and upgrades can be found through your eSecutive account.

  • Print out your insurance ID card in duplicate, one for your hand luggage and the other in your suitcase and keep this card with you at all times when in the USA.

Note: This is for health/medical insurance only. If you would like to include coverage for lost/ damaged luggage you can upgrade your policy.

Length of Insurance Coverage

90 days of insurance is included in your Camp Leaders program fees. *If your camp program is longer than 90 days and/or you are staying and travelling after the 90 days you need to extend your insurance. * The cost is $1.95 per day and you can extend your coverage and pay through your eSecutive account.

Please note - If your visa sponsor is CIEE you have a separate insurance policy. The general information above is still applicable but please check your CIEE paperwork for exact details such as co-pay amounts.

Extending Your Insurance

If you change your flight plans and decide to stay longer don’t forget you must extend your insurance through your eSecutive account.

Note: It is your responsibility to update your insurance dates to match any new travel dates.

Pre Existing Conditions

Please be aware that if you have a condition that has been treated, or you have taken regular medication for, in the last 36 months, it will not be covered by this insurance.

Contact your country office if you are not sure this applies to you, we’ll be able to talk through and work out which coverage you need.

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