Arrival in the US

Note: be aware of gate changes in the airport, and have your onward travel instructions handy.

Connecting Flights in the USA

If you are on a connecting flight, you must collect your luggage, pass through customs and border control and then re-check it for your next flight. If you have a boarding pass for that flight, just check the information screens for your departure gate. If you did not get your boarding pass when you left your home country, just ask for it at the airline’s service desk. Don’t be afraid to ask a member of the airport staff if you’re not sure.

Note: Keep an eye on the airport screens for gate changes as this happens frequently.

Lost Luggage

If for any reason your luggage does not make it to your final destination, you must file a lost luggage claim while at the airport. Camp Leaders US Office and your camp can assist with obtaining your lost luggage, but cannot do so unless you have filed a lost luggage claim.

Onward Travel to Summer Camp

You should have in your hand a copy of your onward travel instructions. You can access this via Wi-Fi with the Camp Leaders App or you can also visit the ‘Travel and Flights’ section of your Camp Leaders profile to print these instructions out before you fly. Contact the Camp Leaders US office helpline at any time during your travels if you need assistance.